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Structure of bridge crane
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Warm congratulations to our company on the export of tire cranes to Singapore
In October 2017, Korea and Singapore customer Mr L project director a line to visit my company, products to customer requirements, the relevant person in charge of my company product technical resolution with visiting customers, visit customers to our company after the making craft of production site to check the wheel crane products, South Korea's project director of our company production of wheel crane even for thumb, after technical discussion, the scene the day of a visit to Mr L with my company I products order contract, after two months of design, production, Singapore with its local customers quality acceptance unit and South Korea on the acceptance of the project staff to my company, my company is responsible for the comrades of the whole machine of product including but not limited to, supporting,
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Shipbuilding gantry crane

Shipbuilding gantry 2

Shipbuilding gantry 1

Double beam bridge crane

mono beam crane in bridge type

bridge girder erection machine

Bridge erecting machine (3)

Bridge erecting machine (2)

Metallurgical double beam crane

Girder gantry crane

crane on tyres