Deep strength, steady take-off | Tieshan crane hand over road and bridge equipment bright "report card"

In recent years, the pace of new infrastructure has accelerated, promoting the development of new economic and new kinetic energy in the western region, which is narrowing the gap with the east. With the proposal of the "Outline for the Construction of a Transportation Power", in 2035, my country will basically build a transportation power, open up domestic large and small comprehensive transportation hubs, and promote the high-quality development of the domestic economy. Tieshan has been deeply engaged in the field of road and bridge equipment for many years, has accumulated rich manufacturing experience in the field of road and bridge engineering, and has cultivated a group of professional and capable talent teams.

In recent years, Tieshan crane has been continuously promoting industrial innovation and scientific and technological achievements innovation, increasing cooperation with industry core technology and new material suppliers, strengthening scientific research and development and achievement transformation with scientific research institutions, continuously improving the technical level and scientific and technological content of road and bridge equipment products such as bridge erecting machine and beam lifting machine, and providing a solid backing for domestic road and bridge engineering construction and foreign aid construction projects.

With its strong strength, qualification, service and reputation, Tieshan has participated in many engineering projects. Next, let's take a look at this brilliant "report card" of Tieshan's lifting in the past two years ~

★Key Project Tour

1. Supply bridge erecting machine JQJ320T-50M(320 tons) for the railway-related project from Beijing-Taiwan Expressway to G105 on line of Guogao De. The project belongs to the important sections of "Nine Vertical" and "Ring Road Around Shandong" in Shandong Province's "Nine Vertical, Five Horizontal and One Ring", providing great convenience for the smooth passage and logistics transportation of vehicles passing through Beijing-Taiwan and Deshon expressways.

2. The bridge erecting machine JQJ240T-50M(240 tons) provided for the second section of the Zhongkai Expressway and the box girder prefabrication within the whole line of the second section of the Zhongkai Expressway are the largest projects undertaken by the fifth bureau. With the construction of the Zhongkai Expressway, Zhongshan's traffic network will be more developed.

3. Provide beam lifting gantry machine ME75 75T-44M for Jiangsu Transportation Engineering Bureau Group Co., Ltd. for the second bid section of civil engineering of Dhaka-Azulia Elevated Expressway Project (DAEEP) in Bangladesh. After the completion of this project, it is of great significance to promote the infrastructure construction in Bangladesh.

★Case Transcript

Serial Number

Equipment Name


Cooperation Unit


Bridge erecting machine


New Bridge Precast Beam Factory of Beijing-Taiwan Expressway to G105 Cross-Germany-Dalian Railway


Bridge erecting machine


Shanghai Engineering Bureau


Bridge erecting machine


Guangdong Zhongshan Shenzhong Corridor


Bridge erecting machine

JQJ220T-50M, JQJ200T-40M, JQJ180T-40M self-balancing

Chongqing Road and Bridge Project Department


Bridge erecting machine

JQJ180T-40M self-balancing, JQJ120T-40M self-balancing

China Railway 24th Bureau Chizhou to Qi Bureau De Upper Expressway


Beam Lifter

MG100/10 100T-37M

China Railway Fifth Bureau


Beam Lifter

ME115 115/10T-20M

Hydropower Bureau 4


Beam Lifter

ME200 200T-15.5M

Dongtai Xinchao Lifting Equipment Co., Ltd.


Beam Lifter


China Railway 18th Bureau Chengdong Three Bridges Project Department


Beam Lifter


Bid Section 1 of Jining Huancheng Expressway of China Railway Fourth Bureau


Beam Lifter

ME75 75T-44M

Jiangsu Transportation Engineering Bureau Group Co., Ltd. (Export to Bangladesh)


The above is only part of the case results of Tieshan crane in the field of road and bridge. 2021 is the first year of China's "14th Five-Year Plan", along with the acceleration of the pace of new infrastructure and the deepening of the "Belt and Road" project, there will be more opportunities and challenges in the future, let us look forward to the iron mountain crane has a better development, all the way to build a transportation power to go all out!