Tieshan Crane Provides High-speed Railway Tanker Lifting Rack for China Railway First Bureau in Dingyuan County, Chuzhou

Tieshan Crane cooperates with China Railway First Bureau to provide high-speed rail tanker lifting frame for the project.

Tieshan Crane Helps Dingyuan County China Railway First Bureau to Build Safe and Reliable High-speed Railway Tanker Lifting Rack

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As an important part of modern railway transportation system, the high-speed tank car lifting frame has the characteristics of outstanding carrying capacity, flexible multi-function, height adjustment, safety and reliability, which effectively improves the loading and unloading efficiency of high-speed tank cars. Recently, Henan Tieshan Lifting Equipment Group Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as: Tieshan Lifting) provided a product that has obtained the "Henan Province Scientific and Technological Achievements" for the China Railway First Bureau of Dingyuan County, Chuzhou-high-speed rail tanker lifting frame. The development and construction of the local railway transportation system provides strong support.

The high-speed tanker lifting frame provided by Tieshan Crane abandons the problems faced by the traditional tanker lifting frame, such as large footprint, high requirements for the working environment, susceptibility to dust and fault induction, and improves construction efficiency and saves construction costs. It is widely praised in the market and contributes to the construction of many railway projects.

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High-speed rail tanker lifting frame 4 features:

● The high-speed rail tanker hoist, which has been improved and upgraded to improve the efficiency of road and bridge construction, has a stronger force capacity, can bear the weight of a large number of goods, and can lift cement tankers or other heavy machinery.

● Flexibility and versatility The high-speed rail tanker lifting frame can be flexibly adjusted according to different loading and unloading needs to adapt to different sizes and types of tankers; it is equipped with a limiting device to make the lifting process less susceptible to interference from the external environment; a plurality of solid fixing devices are set inside to ensure that the goods can be stably lifted to the specified height.

● The height-adjustable high-speed rail tanker lifting frame has the function of adjusting the height, which can be accurately adjusted according to different loading and unloading scenes and needs to ensure that the goods can be accurately loaded and unloaded to the designated position.

● Safe and reliable high-speed rail tanker lifting frame is equipped with a shock-absorbing structure, effectively reducing jitter and ensuring smooth operation of the lifting process; fixed clamping slots are set between the lift platform and the tanker to prevent the tanker from sliding during the lifting process, thereby avoiding safety accidents The occurrence of more reliable.

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