Tieshan Group Helps China Railway No.10 Bureau Shanan Expressway A4 Project to Successfully Erect Beams

  Tieshan Group Bridge Erection Machine Helps Shanan Expressway A4 Project

(Case Presentation-Official)

Tieshan Group, as an overall solution service provider of intelligent lifting equipment, has been committed to providing high-performance lifting equipment and technical support for China's infrastructure. Recently, Tieshan Group once again gave full play to its advantages and provided bridge erecting machine equipment for the A4 standard project of Shanan Expressway of China Railway 10th Bureau, helping the project to be implemented smoothly.

Project background:

As a key transportation project in Fujian Province, the completion of Shanan Expressway will further shorten the distance between Shaxian and Nanping and strengthen the economic exchanges between the two places. It is of great significance to promote regional economic cooperation, promote rural revitalization, and accelerate the revitalization of the old Soviet area.

▲ Erection of the first T-beam (shooting/Ding Lei)

Project Overview:

Section A4 of Shanan Expressway spans Renshou Town, Yangdun Township and Pushang Town, with a total length of 16.239 kilometers and 18 bridges. It is a section with heavy T-beam prefabrication tasks in the whole Shanan Expressway. In order to ensure the progress and quality of the project, the bid section needs to erect a large number of T beams, and the number of precast beams is large, which puts forward higher requirements for construction technology and organization management. The project has created a beam field with factory production, construction standardization, digital management and intelligent equipment. The demand for bridge erecting machines is particularly prominent, which needs to have the characteristics of safety, stability, intelligence and high efficiency. The T-beam erected this time, 40 meters long and weighing about 150 tons, is the right side beam of the bridge.

Product highlights:

1, improve construction efficiency: through a new generation of remote control and automatic positioning technology, to achieve fast and accurate operation, improve construction efficiency.

2, safety and stability: multiple security mechanisms to ensure operational safety, reduce the risk of accidents.

3, intelligent monitoring: real-time monitoring of equipment status and construction data, to provide strong support for project management.

4, energy saving and environmental protection: low energy consumption design, in line with the requirements of green construction.

The bridge erecting machine provided by Tieshan Group meets the requirements of "wisdom" of the project, gives full play to the advantages of "intelligent quality control", improves the speed of beam erection and reduces the energy consumption in the construction process. On January 1, 2024, the erection of the first T-beam of Road Matou No.1 Bridge in the A4 Project of Shanan Expressway of China Railway 10th Bureau was successfully completed. At present, the project has officially entered a tense and orderly construction phase.

The products and services of Tieshan Group have not only been verified in the A4 standard project of Shanan Expressway, but also widely used and recognized in many other infrastructure projects. Whether it is high-altitude remote areas or urban centers with complex environments, the lifting equipment of Tieshan Group has shown excellent performance and stability, providing strong support for the rapid development of China's infrastructure.

Looking to the future, Tieshan Group will continue to deepen the road and bridge lifting equipment industry, increase technological innovation, and continue to introduce more high-quality, high-performance, intelligent, and green products and services to help China's infrastructure industry achieve more on the global stage. Brilliant achievements!

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