Tieshan Group JQJ30-140 Ultra-small Curve Self-balancing Bridge Erecting Machine: A New Chapter in Mountain Bridge Construction

 JQJ30-140 ultra-small curve self-balancing bridge erecting machine: a sharp weapon to solve the difficult problem of mountain bridge construction

The future of mountain bridge construction: the technical innovation of Tieshan Group's ultra-small curve self-balancing bridge erecting machine

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In bridge construction, curve bridge and ramp bridge construction has been a big challenge. The linear type of this kind of bridge is variable and the structural force is complex, especially in the small radius curved beam bridge, in addition to the conventional bending moment and shear force, it also needs to deal with the large torque and warping double moment. For such construction in places with high mountains and deep valleys, the difficulty and risk of safety and quality control are further increased, which is a severe test for the performance, function and cooperation of operators of the bridge erecting machine.

Tieshan Group has been deeply engaged in the field of road and bridge lifting equipment for many years and is well aware of this challenge: for mountainous terrain and complex construction conditions, the performance and quality of the bridge erecting machine is the key to ensure the safety of construction personnel and the smooth progress of construction.

Project Site

When orders were received for the erection of bridges in mountainous areas with small curve radii, the Iron Mountain Group moved quickly. They sent a professional team to conduct field visits to collect detailed information on the construction site. Subsequently, the engineer will carry out the targeted drawing design, and then the chief engineer will review it. Each process is strictly implemented in accordance with the "three inspections" system to ensure the selection of raw materials, the formulation of technological processes and the high standards of production.

Faced with the difficulties in the project and the needs of customers, Tieshan Group proposed a solution: a self-balancing bridge erecting machine with a JQJ30-140 height limit of 5.3m and an ultra-small curve of R = 70m. This bridge erecting machine not only has low construction difficulty, but also has strong compactability, which successfully solves the problem that ordinary bridge erecting machine cannot erect small radius curved bridges. It brings three significant advantages to construction:

① Safety and reliability: The special bridge erecting machine is used to erect the precast girder of the small radius curve bridge, which ensures the safety and stability of the construction and reduces the assumed safety risk.

High efficiency, labor and time saving: by optimizing the design and production process, the erection schedule is improved and the construction period is saved.

Strong integration: The unique integration design enables the bridge erecting machine to better cooperate with other equipment and operators in the construction, and further improve the construction efficiency.

Project Site

With its deep expertise and rich experience, Tieshan Group has successfully provided suitable solutions for the construction of curved bridges. Not long ago, the project has been successfully carried out beam erection operations. It is often said that girder erection is a high-risk operation, and safety and quality are difficult to control. For Tieshan Group, to overcome difficulties, give full play to its technological advantages and innovative spirit, and work conscientiously, safety and quality control will certainly do better. Regarding the small curve self-balancing bridge erecting machine, Tieshan Group will continue to optimize to deal with the beam erecting problems of more complex terrain and complex bridges, and bring more breakthroughs and contributions to the global bridge construction industry!