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After-sales service

After-sales service

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  After-sales service commitment

  I. after-sales service principle: customer first, reputation first, timely and thoughtful, guarantee quality.

  Ii. The quality problems of all kinds of products produced and sold by the company shall be provided with "three guarantees" service in accordance with the provisions of the company, and the three guarantees sales service team shall undertake the work.

  Iii. After receiving the information about product quality from the user (call, letter or fax), the relevant personnel shall be immediately dispatched to the site to deal with and solve the problem.

  Iv. After-sales service personnel shall carefully, thoughtfully and thoroughly deal with the quality problems, and ensure the timely use of users without worries.

  5. While solving the quality problems of the products sold in a timely manner, the after-sales service personnel shall be obliged to provide free technical consultation and training to users and answer the problems related to other products.

  Vi. The company shall bear all the expenses for the products with quality problems. The company shall, at its discretion, charge customers for product quality problems (or product quality problems beyond the warranty period), but not more than the total expenses (or cost costs).

  Seven, firmly set up the user is god, all for the sake of the user thought, timely, serious, good deal with the quality problem, pay attention to the credibility of the maintenance of "iron since" product image, do the company rest assured, customer satisfaction.

  Viii. After-sales service hotline: +86-182 3733 6379