Sprout-Set Sail for Dreams


In 1992, Tieshan Lifting Equipment Factory was established. In 1995, Tieshan's first electric hoist was launched. In 2000, 100 mu of land was acquired. In 2001, the "Tieqi" brand was born and renamed "Henan Tieshan Lifting Equipment Co., Ltd.". Tieshan Group has successfully passed the international certification of quality, environment, occupational health and safety management system.

Accumulation-Thick and Thin Hair


In 2002, we formulated the future development direction of the enterprise and broadened the product field. From 2006 to 2012, it successively obtained the type test certificates of various bridge, portal, single-beam and double-beam cranes. The product field covers 80% of all kinds of lifting equipment. Tieqi brand won the "Famous Trademark of Henan Province", with the honorary titles of trustworthy products, abiding by contracts and keeping promises, and its production strength is getting stronger and stronger.



In 2013, clear strategic direction: road and bridge lifting equipment field. In 2016, the research and development of new products "tire crane" comprehensive listing. In 2017, Tieshan Group was named the provincial enterprise technology center. In 2018, we developed a new type of bridge machine to realize the modular free combination of bridge machine. In 2019, the self-developed tire crane, bridge erecting machine and beam lifting machine obtained three invention patents and was rated as "National High-tech Enterprise".

Brand Empowerment · New Journey

2020-so far

In 2020, the new plant will be relocated and the scale will be expanded to 300 mu, officially entering a new period of modernization, scale and intelligent development. In 2021, it was awarded the "Little Giant" enterprise and the "AAA Enterprise of Standardized Good Behavior". In 2022, it won two national honorary titles, applied for 5 invention patents and more than 60 utility model patents. In 2023, won the "Henan Province quality benchmark" enterprises.