Brand Story

A hand bow saw, a vise began the "iron up" lifting dream

In the field of road and bridge lifting equipment, the reputation of "railway bridge" has gradually become famous with the development and construction of technical facilities such as transportation and bridges, and Tieshan Group has also accumulated strength in obscurity, rose up in calm and calm, and has become a large-scale lifting enterprise in the field of road and bridge in China. It is said that there was no "Tieqi" brand 30 years ago, and the Tieshan Group was still a handicraft workshop with only a few people 30 years ago.

Hand bow saw vise pedal the car to sell equipment for ten or twenty miles.

In the 1980 s, Changyuan was not yet the kingdom of hoisting machinery, where there were the first batch of maintenance workers engaged in the hoisting machinery industry, relying on the technology learned from external polishing to make the simplest electric hoist accessories. A hand bow saw, a vise, and riveting tools are simple tools to make electric hoist rope guides, and then with the proof of going out driven by the brigade, they pedal the trolley and run to the market 20 miles away to sell products.

In the 1990 s, the scale gradually increased, and two acres of land were rented in the old market of Changyuan, and the "embryonic form" of Tieshan Group was established ". After taking shape, more and more workers are recruited, electric production equipment has eliminated traditional hand tools, and production capacity has gradually increased. At that time, Tieshan Group has upgraded from various accessories of electric hoist to the production of electric hoist.

From two acres to more than two hundred acres, from Changyuan to going abroad.

After the millennium, the "Tieqi" brand began to emerge. The lifting products of Tieshan Group have changed from electric hoist and other accessories to the whole crane production. At that time, the older generation of lifting technology, coupled with the upgrading of equipment, technical force wings gradually abundant, began to develop single beam, double beam, gourd door ...... Continuously expand the types and models of lifting products, expand production capacity, lifting equipment production and actual operations are gradually "smart" up. And the original two acres of land also gradually expanded to 100 acres, 300 acres.

In the process of expanding the plant, there was also a profound story. When the factory was moved at the beginning of the millennium, the lease must be the whole lease. At that time, Tieshan Group's production capacity was less than 100 mu of land, so half of the land was used to build the factory and the other half was planted with crops. In those years of hard struggle, the simple and kind-hearted Tieshan people United as one, with the quality of diligence and studious, the spirit of selfless dedication, the craftsmanship of excellence, with perseverance and forge ahead to support the "iron up" quality. This lifting business is getting bigger and bigger, and "Tieqi" brand products are also all over the country, and they continue to go abroad.

The "hard" strength of enterprises in the field of road and bridge construction creates the "iron up" brand.

In the long journey, Tieshan Group has also found its own position-to build high-quality road and bridge engineering lifting equipment, solve complex engineering hoisting problems, and promote domestic and foreign infrastructure construction. Road and bridge lifting equipment such as bridge erecting machines and beam lifting machines occupy an important position in infrastructure construction, while road and bridge engineering lifting equipment on the market generally has high cost and low working level. Tieshan Group has increased its investment in the technical research and development of lifting equipment for road and bridge projects. The experienced chief engineer in the industry leads the technical team to overcome difficulties and continue to improve the production process. While improving product performance, it reduces costs and meets the high difficulty and complexity. The needs of road and bridge engineering construction. Every year, more than 1,000 lifting equipment for road and bridge projects are sent to home and abroad to participate in the construction of various large-scale projects and become the backbone of infrastructure development. The people of Tieshan have also been working towards a goal, "to do a lifting business and create a brand of Tieshan".

In a large iron and steel smelting plant, a double-beam crane in operation has been operating stably and efficiently for 12 years. The Baiyu Yellow River Highway Bridge, which started at the end of 2017, has a total length of 14.07 kilometers and runs through Henan and Shandong. The orange bridge erecting machine shoulders the heavy responsibility of beam lifting and transportation. The tire crane that runs around the clock in Singapore's port has taken on the task of lifting and transporting goods in half of the port......

In the long river of 30 years, every lifting equipment named "Tieqi" is shouldering different lifting and transportation tasks all over the world. Looking back at the starting point and looking forward to the future, every Tieshan person who uses sweat and wisdom to build "Tieqi" will gather the majestic "Tieqi" spiritual strength, strengthen their beliefs, and let the "Tieqi" brand on the new journey Blooming a brighter light!