Henan Tieshan Group: intelligent change, create a new future of green development

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Green development is the eternal theme of the times. China's social and economic development inCarbon peak in 2030, carbon neutral in 2060"The goal is to proceed in an orderly manner under the guidance of the goal of transforming to a green and low-carbon cycle. In China's latest "14th Five-Year Plan" andThe outline of the 2035 vision goal clearly points out that during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, our country should be built into a powerful transportation country and the construction of a modern comprehensive transportation system should be strengthened. As a member of the road and bridge field of the lifting and transportation industry, Tieshan Group will go all out to follow the national development trend and help the development of transportation construction with the guidance of greening, intelligence and adaptation.

Innovation-driven enterprise intelligent change

Intelligence is the core driver and important starting point of industrial transformation and upgrading. In recent years, Tieshan Group has vigorously introduced cutting-edge digital and intelligent production and testing equipment in the industry to promote the intelligence of the production process. Through the information platform, intelligent products, digital design, automation control, etc. to create an intelligent system to achieve intelligent manufacturing, efficiency improvement and management optimization.

In the field of intelligent production, the use of intelligent production equipment such as robot automation and automatic plate shears greatly improves the overall operation efficiency, further reduces quality fluctuations, reduces quality costs, and improves personnel safety.

Enhanced green protective color Promote resource conservation

Greening is the core theme of the transformation and upgrading of the lifting industry. Tieshan Group takes greening as an important development direction, and further improves employees' awareness of low-carbon, resource conservation, and environmental protection. It closely focuses on the core concepts of energy saving and consumption reduction, efficient production, green environmental protection, and reliable equipment, and focuses on process transformation. Promote technological innovation, especially the green process technology based on energy conservation and environmental protection, to promote the greening of the production process and the greening of the construction process. Continuously improve the energy saving, noise reduction and other attributes of the product, so that customers can save more energy and reduce consumption when using the lifting equipment of the bridge erecting machine, save resources, and promote the harmonious development of the ecological environment.

Overall process adaptation Let customers more worry

Due to the complex production environment of lifting equipment, especially the road and bridge engineering lifting equipment represented by the bridge erecting machine, its own structure is complex and the working environment is not fixed. The actual situation of the working environment should be fully considered during the installation, operation and disassembly of the bridge erecting machine, otherwise it will affect the later operation quality of the bridge erecting machine. In view of this, Tieshan Group pays more attention to the adaptation of the scheme when planning the overall scheme, fully considers the model of road and bridge lifting equipment and the adaptability of the customer's construction scene, matches a more reasonable construction scheme, and ensures the reliable quality of the road and bridge lifting equipment after installation and its technical consistency with the design drawings.

In the future, Tieshan Group will continue to cultivate as a pioneer, devote itself to road and bridge specialization and full coverage of lifting products, speed up the application of intelligent production equipment and the concept of green development throughout the whole process of enterprise development, provide customers with more intimate and convenient adaptation services, ensure the quality and safety of the project, accelerate the high-quality development of the industry, and promote China's construction of a transportation power!