How to avoid stepping on the pit? These five shopping points suggest collection!

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As an important construction equipment in highway, high-speed rail and other traffic construction, bridge erecting machine is of great significance to the construction level of traffic facilities. In the process of purchasing, it is necessary to take the convenience and economy of construction as the premise. Many people only consider the price, appearance and advancement when purchasing, ignoring the practicability, resulting in a certain waste of resources and even delaying the construction period due to product problems. Tieshan crane summarizes the six major purchase recommendations, hoping to help everyone.

1. in considering the premise of beautiful appearance, but also should consider the product quality

When purchasing a bridge erecting machine, it is necessary to consider many aspects such as product quality, product workmanship, and whether the design is reasonable. A good bridge erecting machine not only has an appearance, but also has a reasonable structure design, and the production of each part is relatively high in precision.

2. value the advanced technology of the bridge erecting machine, the operation process found not practical?

When choosing a bridge erecting machine, we blindly pursue new, novel and advanced, but fall into the misunderstanding that the product is not practical, resulting in a certain cost waste. It is recommended to consider the matching of equipment technology with the actual construction needs and processes of the enterprise, and whether the equipment can adapt to different operating conditions and environmental capabilities.


3. remember not to be"Small" loses big, reliability is more important than price when choosing a bridge erecting machine.

Choose bridge machine must consider its reliability. Reliability refers to the number of times that the equipment completes the specified function without failure within the specified time and under the specified conditions of use (including environment). We can't just consider the price. If the construction period is delayed due to product problems, we will lose a lot because of small losses.

4., the maintainability of the equipment should be considered to avoid problems and delay the construction period.

When purchasing a bridge erecting machine, it is necessary to understand the use of the equipment and the later maintenance and repair. A good bridge erecting machine has reasonable structure design, simple structure, easy inspection and easy repair, good versatility and interchangeability of internal parts of the system, easy procurement of parts, etc.

5. choose a reliable manufacturer to avoid problems in the later use process and no one can solve them.


The strength of the manufacturer, product quality and service are equally important. For large manufacturers, they generally provide a series of services such as installation, after-sales, training, etc., and timely maintenance when the equipment fails; but for small manufacturers, all aspects of the ability can not be achieved, resulting in slow maintenance speed, delayed construction period, and may pay a relatively high price.