Tieshan Lifting European Double Beam Crane Won the Approval of Yibin Silya Group

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Yibin Seria Group is a large-scale enterprise located in southwest China. It mainly focuses on the production of regenerated cellulose fiber products. It is a global supplier of bio-based cellulose fiber long and short filaments and has been rated as a national innovative enterprise. Yibin Seria Group has established an industrial base dominated by bio-based fiber materials in Yanpingba Textile Industrial Park, Yibin City. In order to meet the production, lifting and transportation needs of Yibin Seria Group, Tieshan Crane provides European-style double-beam cranes to help Yibin Seria Group build a new factory and improve the efficiency and quality of the production line.

▲ European-style double-beam crane

  Project Name:European-style double-beam crane of Yibin Seriya Group
  Cooperation Unit:Yibin Seria Group Co., Ltd.
  Project Configuration:European-style double-beam crane
  Product features:
1, low headroom design, flexible operation, to meet the requirements of the lifting task to a greater extent;
2. The large and small car operating mechanism is driven by European three-in-one technology, the reducer is durable and has low noise, no oil leakage and long service life;
3, modular design, high degree of generalization, improve the utilization rate of parts;
4. Small and light, beautiful appearance, can reduce the height of the plant, reduce costs; compact structure, wide working range, improve production efficiency;
5. Full frequency conversion control, smooth operation, slow heavy load, fast light load, low energy consumption.

▲ European-style double-beam crane

As one of the core products of Tieshan Group, the performance and quality of European-style double-beam cranes are superior to traditional general-purpose cranes in terms of energy saving and consumption reduction, work efficiency, operation and maintenance.
The European-style double-beam crane provided by Tieshan Crane for Yibin Seria Group meets the high-standard demand for lifting and transportation of Yibin Seria Group, and improves the production efficiency and logistics operation capacity of the workshop. The high performance and stability of the crane make the work better and faster. At the same time, Tieshan Crane's team service has also won the recognition and trust of Yibin Seria Group, laying a solid foundation for future cooperation.
Tieshan crane will continue to uphold the advantages of technology and quality, provide higher efficiency and stronger performance crane equipment and overall solutions for the majority of enterprises, and help the majority of enterprises to achieve a higher level of development.