High load-bearing, stable operation, Tieshan lifting rail-type beam lifting machine is popular.

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As a key component of national infrastructure, bridge construction plays an important role in economic development and smooth transportation. In the field of bridge construction, the performance and stability of the key equipment beam lifting machine directly determines the construction efficiency and quality. The rail type beam lifting machine launched by Tieshan crane has brought convenience to bridge construction by virtue of its excellent performance and stability.
  1. lightweight design, clever structure
Tieshan Lifting Rail-type Beam Lifting Machine has a unique design concept, the overall structure is light and flexible, not only convenient and quick installation and disassembly, but also shows mobility. This design concept reduces the preparation time and cost before construction.
  2. high load bearing, strong posture
The main structure of the rail-type beam lifting machine has high strength and load-bearing capacity, which means that it can easily carry larger loads and complete heavier tasks. The huge lifting capacity not only means that the handling work can be completed more quickly, but also improves the overall construction efficiency.

▲ Rail-type beam lifting machine

  3. stable operation, intelligent labor saving
The stable operation of the rail-type beam hoisting machine during the construction process is very important for safety. The rail-type beam hoisting machine of Tieshan crane shows high stability, which not only ensures construction safety, but also saves labor costs. Through the control system and sensor technology, most operations are automated, reducing the reliance on manual operations.
  Large net space in the 4. for easy operation
The inner net space is spacious, which can meet the assembly, disassembly and transportation of materials of the equipment such as bridge erecting machine and beam flat car, thus improving the construction efficiency.
  5. highly automatic, improve efficiency
The demand for automation equipment in modern construction is increasing. Tieshan Lifting Rail-type Beam Lifting Machine is equipped with a new generation of control system and sensor technology to achieve a high degree of automation. This not only improves construction efficiency, but also reduces the risk of manual operation.
Tieshan crane rail type beam lifting machine, with its excellent high load-bearing capacity and stable operation performance, has won the favor and trust of the majority of users. In the field of bridge construction, this rail-type beam lifting machine will be a powerful partner, providing a strong guarantee for the safe and orderly construction. If you need this product, welcome to contact us.