Tieshan Group provides bridge erecting machine for Rongan-Congjiang Expressway Phase I Project

Case Display | Tieshan Group 40/200 High Edition Bridge Erection Machine Service Rongan-Congjiang Expressway

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Tieshan Group has been developing in depth in the field of road and bridge, and the engineering machinery designed and manufactured has participated in the construction of major projects in China for many times. Not long ago, Tieshan Group cooperated with China First Metallurgical Group Co., Ltd. to provide a 40/200t high-profile bridge erecting machine for the construction of the first phase of Rongan-Congjiang Expressway (Rongan-Antai section). Due to the complex geological and hydrological conditions and the difficulty of construction, Tieshan Group adjusted the performance of the construction site during the design and production, and once again strengthened the safety of the equipment.


Project Site

Project Name: Rong'an-Congjiang Expressway Phase I Project (Rong'an-Antai Section)

Partner: China First Metallurgical Group Co., Ltd.

Project configuration: 40/200t high-profile bridge erecting machine

Product features:

1. Double-width two-way girders can be erected. During girder erection, the bridgehead and the middle of the bridge can be used as the starting point of the operation, and the main girder can be adjusted;

2. Disassembly type structure, the whole machine limit, power supply bracket, ladder, etc. are all connected by bolts, which is convenient for on-site installation and transition, thus reducing the installation time and improving the operation efficiency;

3. The angle adjustment of the bridge erecting machine is convenient, and a positioning device is added between the rotating flanges of the outriggers; the position of the rear outriggers can be adjusted according to the actual situation on site.

Project Site

Project Meaning:

The first phase project of Rong'an-Congjiang Expressway is one of the major projects in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. It passes through deep poverty-stricken areas with a total length of 56 kilometers. The overall direction is from east to west, passing through Rongshui Town, Sirong Township and Huaibao Town in Rongshui County. The geological and hydrological conditions of the tunnel along the whole line of the project are complex, and the construction is difficult.

The project is expected to be completed in December 2023. After completion, it will further open up the traffic lifeline of the poor towns in Rong'an County and Rongshui County of Liuzhou, and become a convenient inter-provincial passage from Guizhou to Guangdong via Guangxi, filling the expressway in Liubei County. The gap in the network is conducive to the development of local natural resources and tourism resources, and accelerates the pace of poverty alleviation in the northern counties of Liuzhou.

Transportation construction is a critical period. The road and bridge construction environment is complex and the construction is difficult. Tieshan Group will continue to increase technical research and development, tailor-made design and production of road and bridge engineering machinery for major projects, and promote road and bridge construction!

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