Warmly congratulate our company tire crane exported to Singapore

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In October 2017, Singapore customer Mr L and South Korean project manager and his party arrived at our company for on-the-spot investigation. According to the product requirements put forward by the customers, the relevant person in charge of our company conducted product technical analysis with the visiting customers. After that, the visiting customers came to our company's production site to check the production process of tire crane products. South Korean project manager gave thumbs up to the tire crane produced by our company, after technical discussion, on-site inspection and visit, Mr L signed a contract with our company to order our products. After two months of design and production, Singapore customers led their local quality acceptance units and Korean project personnel to our company for the whole machine acceptance, relevant responsible comrades of our company carried out 1:1 analysis tests on the whole machine of the product, including but not limited to cart operation, free steering (single and double steering), cart operation, hoisting, no-load, heavy load, etc. Mr L and his party of visitors expressed their satisfaction with the test results, discussed and reached the opinions of the interested purchasing unit and took photos.

In January 2018, the tire crane designed and manufactured by our company successfully arrived at the project site in Singapore. There is no fire operation in the whole process of the project site installation, and our company will give timely response to the feedback in the process. After the installation is completed, the hoisting test will be successfully completed. Singapore customer Mr L for our company's products comprehensive service situation, said very satisfied.

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