Tieshan Company Held 2016 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference

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On January 19, the 2016 annual summary and commendation conference of Tieshan company was held ceremoniously in the comprehensive conference hall on the third floor of the company. Han Haoli, general manager of the company, Ji Xiangqin, chief financial officer, Guo Ziting, chief technical engineer, Fu Yongbing, deputy sales manager, Guo Shanen, after-sales minister and other department leaders attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Zhao Hongchang, director of the office.  


General Manager Han Haoli made the 2016 work report. He said 2016 was an extraordinary year. Over the past year, in the face of a complex and changeable external environment and arduous and arduous business operations, sales in 2016 have increased by nearly 30% compared with 2015. At present, under the current development situation of the lifting industry, the competitiveness of the industry is fierce. It is not easy for us to get such achievements. In order to improve the overall production process and production progress, the company continuously promotes the production department to learn excellent production knowledge and apply advanced production measures to our production site, in terms of product quality, we have organized many visits and studies for the purpose of finding gaps and comparing advantages, and carried out unified planning and deployment for the company's current model. Products are also constantly optimizing the quality and appearance, adjusting some product structural parts, and gradually realizing some product standardization, product safety, convenience and other market advantages. The meeting emphasized the work objectives and various guarantees for 2017, adhered to the policy of "safety first, people-oriented", strengthened the construction of safety culture, improved the safety awareness of employees, achieved continuous improvement and continuous improvement, and achieved the goal of comprehensively improving the safety and quality control level of enterprises. Pay close attention to the improvement of the overall quality of employees, and pay attention to the comprehensive improvement of employees' service awareness, competition awareness, innovation awareness, cultural literacy and skill level. Finally, general manager Han Haoli and leaders of various departments presented awards to employees who received corresponding honorary titles.