The composition of the bridge crane structure

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Bridge cranes are mainly used in fixed places, such as workshops, warehouses and stockyards. This is mainly because of the mobility check, bridge crane generally has three major components:

1. Metal structure:

It is mainly used to install mechanical and electrical equipment, bear lifting weight, self-weight, wind and inertial force generated when the car stops braking. For bridge cranes, there are horizontal main girders and trolley walking end girders; for gantry cranes, there are horizontal main girders, trolley walking beams and outriggers.

2. Mechanical (working mechanism) part:

Lifting mechanism. It is the most basic and most important mechanism of the crane, responsible for the rise and fall of the goods.

Trolley running mechanism. Make the lifting cargo move back and forth in the direction of the horizontal main beam.

Big car walking agency. Make the lifted goods move back and forth in the direction of the cart track. Cart and trolley at the same time with the action, can ensure that the lifting of the goods in the rectangular operation area of any movement, the goods will be placed in any position in the operation area, in order to meet the requirements of the operation.

3. Electrical equipment:

Including cart and trolley collectors, protection panels, controllers, resistors, motors, lighting equipment, electrical circuits and various safety protection devices, etc.