Tieshan Group: concentrate on "quality", casting performance is excellent lifting machinery and equipment

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For manufacturing enterprises, reputation comes from quality, and quality comes from quality. In order to effectively improve the quality management ability of employees and the level of enterprise quality management, recently, Tieshan Group has made great efforts to createThe good quality atmosphere of "everyone cares about quality, everyone values quality, and everyone improves quality", multi-level and multi-channel dissemination of quality concepts, so that "qualityTake the lead"IdeasDeeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Heavy training, enhance quality awareness

Tieshan Group uses thematic training, various meetings, micro-classes and other forms to organize in-depth study of various teams and groups in batches, so that front-line employees can understand the current problems and improvement measures, so as to standardize operations in the production process and improve product quality.

Quality ManagementMeetings


Set up publicity boards and hang quality publicity slogans in many places in the factory to keep employees in"QualityTake the lead"In a good atmosphere.

QualityPromotional slogans

Practice, implement product quality requirements


In order to make the quality idea"Visible and tangible" is more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Tieshan Group combines the actual production to organize front-line employees to carefully find the main problems that restrict product quality in practical operations, and do a solid job in quality improvement; and around the main aspects of product production Hold special skills competitions to mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of employees, and further improve the technical level of employees in the fierce competition, so as to create high-quality products and services for the company to build a solid foundation.

Strict management, improve the overall quality of products


Watch the quality door, good quality off. Tieshan Group organized technology, technology, production, quality inspection, after-sales and other departments to set up a joint product quality investigation team to carry out quality inspection, spot check and problem improvement activities in the front line, and combined with the problems found in the inspection process, standardized the process of quality problem discovery, feedback and follow-up inspection, and effectively improve the quality management awareness of front-line staff.


Quality management is not"Quick", but need to work for a long time, let "qualityTake the lead"The consciousness is deeply imprinted in the mind of every employee, and it is carried out in every day's work.In the future, Tieshan Group will take improving product quality as a long-term task to grasp the new.The attitude of "strict and careful", strengthen the quality management process, and constantly create more products with excellent quality and user recognition, so as to promote the high-quality development of enterprises.