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Line Steady Zhiyuan Global ambition|Tieshan Group2020Annual News Inventory

(Year-end Juxian: Iron Mountain Lifting 2020 Annual Inventory)

2020In the year, we experienced the sharpening of the new crown epidemic.

It shows the strength of the people

Feel the prosperity and rejuvenation of the country

We are moved, harvested, grown and excited.

Let's go through these keywords.

Enjoying the wonderful year of Tieshan Group


01 Wisdom.

Continue to take intelligent manufacturing as the lead, improve quality and efficiency, and promote the high-quality development of enterprises.

Tieshan Group has always regarded intelligent manufacturing as the driving force for enterprise development, accelerated the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and simultaneously improved the industrial structure, quality and efficiency. In 2020, Tieshan Group will begin to expand its new plant.

2020At the beginning of the year, scientific planning and layout of the new plant area were carried out, focusing on rationality, convenience and safety to ensure smooth manufacturing process, reasonable workpiece handling and smooth material transportation routes after the new workshop was put into operation, so as to reduce costs and increase efficiency and further enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. At the same time, manufacturing equipment and testing equipment have been upgraded. Promote lean production, realize intelligent and quality equipment production, and bring high-quality and efficient lifting equipment to partners.

10In January, the new plant was officially put into use. This is another important milestone in the development history of Tieshan Group. It not only heralds a leap in the strategic blueprint of Tieshan Group, but also marks that Tieshan Group has achieved a great leap in production hardware! The improvement of production capacity, the continuous improvement of processing equipment and the continuous optimization of production technology and technology mean that Tieshan Group's competitive advantage will be further enhanced. In the future, it will accelerate the expansion of market share and achieve high-speed and double growth!


▲ Factory map of Tieshan Group


02 New

Gather talents and attract wisdom, innovate management, and radiate a new look of the enterprise.

2020In the first half of the year, Tieshan Group has been recruiting talents, gathering talents and talents to make the enterprise look new and enter the fast lane of development.

Tieshan Group to further strengthen the internal management of enterprises. Improve the talent introduction mechanism, strengthen the introduction of innovative, industrial, management and other talents, improve the human resource efficiency of Tieshan Group, and give full play to and tap the potential of talents. At the same time, optimize the management process of Tieshan Group and standardize management behavior. Strengthen standardized management and skills training of production safety, improve employees' awareness of production safety, make production safety "zero accidents and zero injuries", and manufacture products with high standards and high requirements under the premise of employees' safe work.

▲ Workshop Drawing of Tieshan Group


03 Collar

The industry is moving towards high-end intelligence, promoting the development of the industry, and developing the brand power of big countries.

This year, Tieshan Group closely followed the national "One Belt One Road" strategy, actively explored overseas market business, and assisted overseas construction projects. Increase investment in scientific research and innovation, cater to market demand, develop new European-style lifting equipment, create a sustainable competitive advantage, and enter a new development trend.

4On the 17th, he obtained the invention patent of "a tire-type lifting equipment for tunnel flue plates;

9On January 1, the invention of "a steering mechanism of a tire crane" was granted a patent;

10On January 13, he obtained the patent for the invention of "a beam lifting machine with high stability;


Tieshan people aim at the forefront of the industry with a keen eye, focus on the future, and enhance their innovation ability with a rigorous attitude of hard work and innovation. In 2020, the innovation results are quite fruitful. Tieshan Group has obtained three invention authorized patents and 11 utility model patents, and has obtained 6 invention patents and 25 utility model patents.

▲ Lifting equipment of Tieshan Group


04 Responsibility

Actively Practice Social Responsibility, Concentrate and Focus on the Responsibility of Private Enterprises

From being good at heart to being good at doing. Since its establishment, Tieshan Group has always kept in mind its responsibilities and the mission entrusted by the times, actively fulfilled its social responsibilities, devoted itself to public welfare undertakings, and contributed to the harmonious development of society.

During the epidemic, Tieshan Group was concerned about the Wuhan compatriots and launched a donation campaign to the Wuhan compatriots, donating money to the Red Cross Society of Changyuan County to contribute to the fight against the epidemic in Wuhan.

▲ Anti-epidemic Chart


05 Create

Helping the Construction of German-Shanghai Expressway Challenge the Erection of Box Girder of Longest Oblique Span Railway in China

3In January, Tieshan Group supplied bridge erecting machine JQJ320T-50M(320 tons) for the iron-related project from Beijing-Taiwan Expressway to G105 on line of Guogold. The 48-meter extra-long highway box girder of the main bridge is currently the longest public span railway box girder in China with a weight of 234 tons. It is a very difficult project with high safety risks and strong technical content. It is also a very challenging project among the projects connected by Tieshan Group, which requires very high manufacturing technology for equipment.

The project belongs to the important sections of the "Nine Vertical" and "Ring Road Around Shandong" in the "Nine Vertical, Five Horizontal, One Ring and Seven Connections" of Shandong Province. It provides smooth passage and logistics transportation for vehicles passing through the two expressways of Beijing-Taiwan and Deshang. It provides great convenience and improves the investment environment along the line, which is of great significance to accelerate the development of Dezhou and further expand the urban space.

▲ Construction Chart of Railway-related Project from Beijing-Taiwan Expressway to G105 on Line of Guogaode

▲ Guogaode goes online from Beijing-Taiwan Expressway to G105

06 Shake

Show the hard core strength of Tieshan Group to undertake many large-scale engineering supply equipment

2020In, Tieshan Group demonstrated its hard core strength, not only in core technology, but also in the trust of partners and the recognition of market users. To undertake a number of large-scale engineering supply equipment, including bridge erecting machine JQJ260T-60M(260 tons) for Shanghai Engineering Bureau, JQJ220T-50M, JQJ200T-40M and JQJ180T-40M self-balancing bridge erecting machine (240 tons) for Chongqing Road and Bridge Project Department, bridge erecting machine JQJ240T-50M (tons) for the second section of China-Kai Expressway, etc. It is worth mentioning that the box girder prefabrication within the whole line of the Zhongkai Phase II project is the largest of the projects undertaken by the Fifth Bureau. With the construction of the Zhongkai Expressway, the Zhongshan transportation network will be more developed.



07 Dance

Sending to Sea Helps "the belt and road initiative" Tieqi Brand to Stand on the World Stage Again

Tieshan Group has been continuously developing lifting equipment suitable for construction abroad to meet the special requirements of foreign users, and has assisted in the construction of overseas projects many times. This time, Jiangsu Transportation Engineering Bureau Group Co., Ltd. will provide beam lifting machine ME75 75T-44M for the second bid section of civil engineering of Dhaka-Azulia Elevated Expressway Project (DAEEP) in Bangladesh. After the completion of the project, the road network radiating the surrounding cities of Dhaka will be interconnected, the traffic congestion in the capital will be evacuated, and it will be of great significance to promote the infrastructure construction of Bangladesh.


The journey is long, only struggle; Steady wisdom, the future can be expected.

2020In 2008, we deeply felt that "ordinary makes great, heroes come from the people, and everyone is great", and we have been working hard to be great "Tieshan people". Accumulate bit by bit, gather strength, and express the bright future of Tieshan Group with struggle; overcome obstacles, forge ahead, and strive to "Tieqi" brand to stand among the world brands.

2021The year is the first year of the national "14th Five-Year Plan". Tieshan Group will keep its mission in mind, keep its original intention forever, deepen its intelligent innovation, help its partners grow rapidly, help its cooperative partnership accelerate its development, and contribute its own strength to "Made in China 2025.