Tieshan Lifting | Provide Bridge Erecting Machine for the Construction of Baiyu Yellow River Highway Bridge

Case is the footprints of enterprise growth, the difficulty is the driving force of enterprise growth. From solving problems step by step to testing and upgrading again and again, Tieshan Lifting has always been working hard around customer needs. The construction of Baiyu Yellow River Highway Bridge in 2017 is a typical case.
  Background introduction]
In 2017, Tieshan received the supply task of bridge erecting machine for Baiyu Yellow River Highway Bridge Project. The total length of the project is 14.065 kilometers, across the two provinces of Henan and Shandong, as a key project of transportation construction in the two provinces. The total investment is about 3.165 billion yuan.
  engineering difficulties]
1. Baiyu Yellow River Highway Bridge was built from Puyang to Heze. The humidity, temperature and wind speed of the project area have certain differences. The design needs to be considered comprehensively to ensure the stable performance of the equipment.
2. The construction environment of the project is different in space, so it is necessary to consider the problem of bridge operation of special space products and the separation of transport frames.
3. The project line is long, the equipment needs to have good bearing performance and high use efficiency.
4. How to transport 190 tons of bridge erection equipment to the construction site and accurately mention it on the pier
1. Arrange technical personnel to conduct on-the-spot investigation, understand the terrain and environment along the project, and make relevant records.
2. According to the overall working environment, construction space, bearing requirements and energy efficiency requirements of the project, the designer makes a comprehensive consideration. After scientific calculation, simulation test and accurate deliberation, the final design scheme is given.
3. Customized materials, strict production, all parts before leaving the factory have undergone self-inspection, special inspection, sampling inspection triple inspection.
4. Tieshan Hoisting Arrange enterprise technicians and transportation team (understand the local road conditions and requirements) to deliver the bridge erecting equipment to the construction site on time and according to quality.
5. The technicians guide the installation and assist the user to install the bridge erecting machine smoothly before leaving the site.
Through the Baiyu Yellow River Highway Bridge project, Tieshan Lifting has opened the whole process service from design, production, transportation and installation, reducing the cost of customers' energy and providing multi-faceted cooperation guarantee. In addition, in the process of design and production, Tieshan crane pays more attention to the carrying capacity and energy efficiency of the equipment. This also laid a solid foundation for a series of major projects.