How to repair and maintain the road and bridge crane? Tieshan crane knowledge sharing, so that the life of the equipment straight up

Road bridge crane is not easy to use, often bad? The same is the use of engineering, why do you buy their own crane is always bad. The reason is very simple, most of the time is equipment maintenance problems. How should the road bridge crane be maintained? Iron mountain crane to help you.
  1. regular cleaning
1) Keep electrical equipment, such as resistors, control panels, contactors, etc., clean inside and outside to prevent dust accumulation and prevent leakage, short circuit and other undesirable phenomena.
2) Regularly check the wear of the accessories, remove the impurity particles in the friction parts by adding lubricant, and reduce the friction loss of the contact parts.
  2. periodic inspection
1) When the tower crane has abnormal noise, or operation failure, or it is found that the tower crane safety protection device cannot be used normally, it should be stopped immediately for inspection, maintenance, and relevant records should be made.
2) The tower crane shall be inspected after 80 hours of operation. In addition, the tower crane driver should also check the bolt fastening of each connection part when changing shifts. If there is any looseness, it should be fastened in time to avoid other situations.
3) After the tower crane is disassembled after the completion of the project, engineering and technical personnel and equipment maintenance personnel shall be arranged to carry out detailed maintenance inspection, make records and keep files for inspection.
  3. painting to prevent rust
Tieshan crane reminds that road and bridge cranes often work outdoors and the construction environment is uncertain. In order to ensure the anti-corrosion protection function of the equipment, users should spray paint once every six months to a year. Note: Before spraying paint, rust spots, oil stains and other dirt on the metal surface should be removed to ensure product quality.
  4. details
1) During transportation, the equipment and parts shall be protected as much as possible to avoid collision back and forth, resulting in deformation or damage of structural parts.
2) Arrange professionals to operate the equipment (novice operators should be accompanied by professionals) to ensure that the road and bridge lifting equipment is operated stably and correctly.
Finally, Iron Mountain Crane believes that maintenance is a long-term job. After the equipment is delivered, the user should arrange professionals to be responsible for the daily maintenance of the equipment, while the installation and maintenance unit should effectively supervise the daily maintenance content to ensure product quality and construction safety.