Tieshan Group Held "Safety Production Month" Launch Meeting to Effectively Do a Good Job in Safety Production

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AboutWelcome to the national No.21 "safe production months",As a responsible manufacturing enterprise, Tieshan Group is well aware of the importance of safety and production, efficiency and enterprise development. Safety work is connected to thousands of households. Only by effectively improving the safety awareness of employees and making every operation standard, precise, meticulous, and meticulous, can we better ensure the safety of each employee during operation and the smooth completion of various tasks.

Implement the spirit of important instructions and improve the awareness of safe production

On May 10, Tieshan Group held a safety month kick-off meeting,"Implement safety responsibility and promote safety development" as the theme, in-depth implementationSuperior leadershipThe spirit of the important speech on safe production, strengthen the concept of safety development, compact and compact safety responsibilities, prevent and control safety risks, and improve the safety quality of all employees. The company's leadership team, representatives of the company's management personnel at all levels, and representatives of the company's employees were present at the meeting.

Courseware training examples to explain, understand the meaning of safe production

At the start of the conference, eachParticipationThrough safety courseware training and explanation of safety accident examples, the personnel deeply understood the significance of safety production month. The members of the safety leading group actively expressed their views on safety production and signed the safety management commitment.

Team leader Cai Pingxin issued armbands to each team leader. After the team leader wears armbands for each team safety officer, all staff sign a safety production responsibility letter.

We all solemnly promise: For the happiness of the family and the healthy development of the company, I solemnly swear to abide by safety regulations, perform safety duties, always pay attention to safety, and ensure safe production!

Solemnly sign the responsibility of the mountains, do your best to safe production

After the meeting, everyone came to the front of the movable wall and signed their names carefully.Eye-catching activity wall every dayRemind every employee,It is necessary to always maintain a sense of initiative to take precautions, a sense of crisis like walking on thin ice, and a sense of responsibility for the mountains,Do your best to do a good job of safety in production to ensure the healthy and stable development of enterprises.

Safety is health, development, benefit and a strong guarantee for our family's happy life! Tieshan Group will continue to work hard to improve the safety awareness of employees, standardize the technical operation of safe production, continue to carry out various safe production activities, consolidate the cornerstone of safe production, and effectively form a good atmosphere in the company where everyone is concerned about safety and everyone is eager for safety. Tieshan Group is stable and far-reaching.