Rest assured 3.15 | 365 days quality stick to, attentively protect the rights and interests of consumers

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Time Value3.15 Consumer Rights Day, "quality" has once again become the focus of attention. For Tieshan Group, which has been deeply engaged in the field of road and bridge construction lifting equipment manufacturing for 31 years, quality is not only the slogan shouted by 3.15 on that day, but also Perseverance and commitment 365 days year after year.

"Seiko quality, economic and energy saving, safe and reliable" is the product concept that Tieshan Group always keeps in mind. Use harsh standards to manufacture every road and bridge lifting equipment, create a corporate culture in which everyone stresses quality and everyone values service, so that "engineering quality is no small matter" is deeply imprinted in the minds of every Tieshan person.

Focus on 315.

Innovative R & D Quality priority Quality can be traced

Over the years, Tieshan Group has always regarded quality as the lifeline of the enterprise, has established long-term technical cooperation relations with many domestic research institutions and university research institutes, actively introduced high-tech and management talents, and accelerated the upgrading of general lifting machinery. This year, Tieshan Group has pushed the quality strategy to a new height, established and improved7C quality control system, including technical specifications, special examination and mutual examination, incoming material inspection, self-inspection and re-inspection, process quality control, technical inspection, finished product inspection, 7 major links to ensure the quality of hoisting machinery products is excellent, truly achieve quality traceability.

Quality 315

Perfect service Integrity-based Consume at ease

In addition to the basic quality problems, whether the service system is perfect and sound is also an important indicator to evaluate the gold content of a brand. Tieshan Group has nine independent departments, including logistics transportation department, installation and operation department, sales and technical service department, to open up the national service network, provide customers with standardized, intelligent and convenient high-quality services, and solve construction problems such as manufacturing handling and hoisting. According to market demand, we will continue to optimize and upgrade the service system, accept the supervision of new and old customers, and truly protect the rights and interests of consumers, so that consumers can consume with peace of mind.

The integrity of 315

Tieshan Group has won many national, provincial and municipal awardsThe titles of "three-level enterprise of safety production standardization", "enterprise of total quality management and standard", "enterprise of abiding by contract and keeping reputation" and "enterprise of customer satisfaction" are inseparable from the support and love of the market and users.

In the future, Tieshan Group will always stand with the majority of new and old customers, strictly implement quality standards, and be a responsible enterprise! Tieshan Group will work hard to make products on the ground and build the future.The promotion of "Made in China 2025" contributes more strength!

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