Tieshan Lifting takes you to know what is good about tire cranes.

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At present, the development speed of China's infrastructure is getting faster and faster, the scale is getting bigger and bigger, the quality, volume and lifting height of the materials that need to be hoisted are also getting bigger and bigger, and the tire crane (also known as: tire crane) is showing its superiority more and more, so the demand for it is more and more exuberant. So, what are its characteristics and how will it develop in the future? Follow the iron mountain crane to understand it together.

Features of tire crane

The tire crane is improved on the basis of crawler crane, which overcomes some shortcomings of crawler crane, and has higher operation efficiency, stronger equipment stability and better safety performance. The crawler shoe of the crawler crane will cause damage to the road surface, and the tire crane will change the crawler and walking bracket to the chassis with tires, and the forward speed will be relatively faster; the four outriggers are added, and the crane is in the lifting operation Will be more stable. In addition, the combined components it uses will make the installation easier, reduce the installation time, and speed up the progress of the construction period; the size is relatively small, the weight is relatively light, and the equipment can be rotated flexibly according to different positions. However, it should also be noted that it has poor mobility, is not suitable for long-distance walking, and has higher requirements on the road surface.

Development Trend of Tire Crane

In the future, with the change of the demand of construction projects at home and abroad, the crane manufacturing enterprises will continue to adjust and upgrade the tire crane.

China's construction projects continue to be large-scale, the weight of the required machinery and equipment will also increase, and the market demand for super-large lifting equipment will increase significantly. In addition, in the current endless new generation of information technology, the crane manufacturing enterprises will seize the opportunity to make full use of new technologies, new processes to improve product quality and machine performance, in order to improve the competitiveness of products in the market. Such as the application of network control, can better monitor the operation, can find hidden dangers in time, improve the safety of operation; the application of microelectronics technology, optical cable technology, hydraulic technology and so on to the drive and control system, can better realize the automation and intelligence of the crane, reduce labor costs, improve the efficiency of construction work.

The above is the characteristics and development trend of tire crane summarized by Tieshan crane for you. I hope I can help you when you choose a crane, so that you can choose a crane that meets the actual needs, reduce unnecessary cost investment for you, avoid detours due to insufficient information, and help you to carry out construction faster and better.