Party Building Gift | Tieshan Group: Please rest assured that the powerful country has me!

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The journey of a hundred years is magnificent, and the heart of the beginning of a hundred years is firm.

In 2021, the intersection of two centuries of history

We have ushered in the centenary of the party

A hundred years of youth, a hundred years of footprints, a hundred years of great achievements

The world's attention, the wind color is still

2022, New Stage, New Mission, New Journey

We will welcome the 20th Party Congress

The new year sequence opens, and the first heart is with us.

Don't forget the way.

It's rugged and muddy, but it's determined to do it.

From the South Lake a small red boat

To now unstoppable wheel

The Communist Party of China all the way

Only then did we have a good life now that the mountains and rivers are safe.

Walk the road ahead

Stand your chest and rush forward, show your confidence

tieshan group will carry forward the great party building spirit

Cast the heavy equipment of a great country, support the backbone of China

Write a brilliant China with your own efforts.


To add a lot of color to China's splendor

The Party Flag Flags in the New Era, Leading the Sail and Striving Forward

30 years of wind and rain journey

Tieshan Group has always listened to and followed the Party.

Do not forget your initiative mind, keep in mind the mission

"Do Lifting Business, Create Iron Brand"

To the best, do not relax each item

Sincere to the letter, not slack every link

Interpreting the demeanor of a big country enterprise with action

Accelerating production safety for world infrastructure


Please rest assured that the powerful country has me!