Tieshan Lifting: Building a powerful transportation country cannot be separated from intelligent and green road and bridge lifting equipment

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Transportation is an important service industry and occupies an important position in my country's modern economic system. It is not only an important support for building a new development pattern, but also a solid guarantee for serving the people's better life and promoting common prosperity. Road and bridge lifting machines such as bridge erecting machines and beam lifting machines are indispensable equipment in the construction of transportation infrastructure. They carry an important mission in building a modern comprehensive transportation system and helping my country's transportation power.

For a long time, my country's high-input, high-consumption, and high-emission development mode has caused serious resource and energy consumption and pollution problems. With the proposal of strategic goals such as "Made in China 2025" and "Double Carbon" in recent years, and acceleration The endless new technologies brought about by the new round of technological revolution in evolution have guided the new development direction of road and bridge lifting equipment. Tieshan crane believes that intelligent and green lifting equipment will become the research and development goal of lifting machinery enterprises, helping China's comprehensive three-dimensional transportation network to develop towards a convenient, smooth, safe, reliable, green and intensive modern high-quality level.

Technology empowers, wisdom creates the future.

At present, the gradual fading of the demographic dividend and the many uncertainties brought about by the new crown epidemic have led to rising costs for workers and the inability to guarantee their productivity. Intelligent manufacturing technology, which combines artificial intelligence, big data and sensors, is constantly running through all aspects of manufacturing design, production, management and service, promoting a new round of industrial transformation in the manufacturing industry. it can not only enable crane manufacturers to produce more stable and sustainable high-quality products with lower manufacturing and assembly costs, but also make customer management easier and reduce the uncertainty caused by manual operation, reduce safety hazards, improve the efficiency of construction operations, and promote faster and more stable development of transportation infrastructure construction.

Green manufacturing, help "double carbon"

Crane continuous working time is long, the work intensity is big, in the global environmental pollution, climate change and resource shortage is becoming more and more serious, how to reduce the energy consumption of the crane has become a serious problem in the industry. Under the guidance of the basic policy of "innovation-driven, quality first, green development, structural optimization and talent-oriented" put forward by the "Made in China 2025", all manufacturing enterprises should take green transformation and upgrading as the focus of development, scientific and technological innovation as the core competitiveness to support the development of enterprises, ensure every link of production and manufacturing with the green supervision system of laws and regulations, and constantly enhance the new advantages of market competition, to achieve its own clean, low-carbon, recycling and sustainable development, to help China's "double carbon" goal.

The realization of the goal of traffic power can not be separated from the strong support of road and bridge lifting equipment, which affects the smooth development of China's transportation infrastructure construction. As a lifting machinery manufacturing enterprise that has been deeply engaged in the field of road and bridge lifting equipment for 30 years, Tieshan Lifting complies with market demand, vigorously improves the automation, intelligence, and green level of the production process, reduce costs and increase efficiency, and promote products to fast The development of manufacturing, quality manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing; increase the introduction and cultivation of high-level talents, expand the management and technical team, and adopt a scientific management model, continuously improve the technical efficiency, service quality, resource allocation and management efficiency of enterprises, continue to build competitive advantages, promote the high-quality development of the industry, and contribute to the construction of a strong transportation country!