Policy Interpretation... Road and bridge lifting equipment to help China's transportation power construction-Tieshan lifting.

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Transportation is the key to rejuvenating the country and the foundation of a strong country. As a long-term project for economic production and residents' use, transportation infrastructure guarantees long-term stable economic development and also brings strong market demand to related industries. Its construction is inseparable from the support of road and bridge lifting machinery such as bridge erecting machines and beam lifting machines. In the view of Tieshan crane, at present, China's transportation industry is ushering in a precious "golden period", and road and bridge lifting equipment will provide solid support for speeding up the construction of a modern comprehensive transportation system and building a socialist modern power.,

At present, my country has issued a number of top-level designs and strategic goals to continuously promote my country's transportation infrastructure construction to make more breakthroughs in intelligence and greening, and help the transportation industry to move towards a world-class level.

l Two steps to build a transportation power

The ''Outline for the Construction of a Transportation Power'' issued by the State Council clearly stated that starting from 2021, the construction of a transportation power will be promoted in two stages: by 2035, a transportation power will be basically built; by the middle of this century, the plan to build a transportation power in an all-round way will be realized. A transportation power that is in the forefront of the world, satisfied by the people, and has strong guarantees. In addition, in terms of infrastructure, its scale and quality, technical equipment, scientific and technological innovation ability, intelligence and greening have reached the forefront level in the world, comprehensively serving and ensuring the construction of a modern socialist power, and making good transportation services benefit the broad masses of people.

l The first five-year development plan in the field of highway transportation

The "14th Five-Year Plan for Highway Development" issued by the Ministry of Transport pointed out that by 2025, the modern highway transportation system must make significant progress on the road towards a green, convenient, safe, and economic direction. Better quality The supply of facilities, more efficient transportation services, safer road network operations, more powerful transformation and development, and better industry governance have become strong supports for the construction of a transportation power, we will continue to adapt to the requirements of high-quality economic development and meet the needs of the people for a better life.

l Build a high-quality comprehensive three-dimensional transportation network


The "14th Five-Year" Modern Comprehensive Transportation System Development Plan issued by the State Council clearly stated that by 2035, the national comprehensive three-dimensional transportation network will be basically built into a convenient, smooth, intelligent, innovative, safe, reliable, green and intensive modern high-quality level. A new situation of international and domestic interconnection, three-dimensional and smooth access to major cities across the country, and county-level node coverage, to the "national 123 travel traffic circle" and "global 123 fast goods logistics circle" to form a strong support.

L Establish "the belt and road initiative" Transportation Cooperation Mechanism with Many Countries

At the second United Nations Global Sustainable Transport Conference, China and relevant countries established the "Belt and Road" transportation cooperation mechanism between China and Pakistan, China and Myanmar, and jointly compiled the "Greater Mekong Subregion Transportation Strategy 2030" and "Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation Transportation Strategy 2030", "Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation Railway Development Strategy 2030", "China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Vision Plan Transportation Plan (2014-2030)" and other documents to discuss and conspire regional transportation development plans, continuously link up with existing plans of relevant countries.

l All localities actively respond to the strategic call of traffic power

All parts of the country have actively implemented the strategy of strengthening the country in transportation, issued various policy opinions one after another, deployed around the development tasks and objectives of the transportation industry, and continuously promoted the key work of transportation network layout, technology application and rural highway construction in various provinces and cities.

Industry policies show that in recent years, under the guidance of the goal of a strong transportation country, the domestic transportation industry will continue to improve the infrastructure layout and three-dimensional interconnection; upgrade transportation equipment to be more complete and controllable, and have high applicability; create more comfortable, convenient and economical Transportation services, a dynamic and intelligent technological innovation situation, so that people can enjoy more complete, reliable and responsive security services; at the same time, increase open cooperation, deepen the implementation of global-oriented, mutually beneficial and win-win measures, transform my country from a transportation country that pursues speed and scale to a transportation power that pays more attention to quality and efficiency, integrate and develop various transportation methods, pay more attention to innovation-driven development, and create a comprehensive three-dimensional transportation system.


Transportation is a basic, strategic, leading, and public welfare national economic industry. my country's road and bridge lifting equipment needs to continue to develop in a high-quality and diversified direction to support the high-quality development needs of my country's transportation industry. As a one-stop road and bridge lifting equipment service provider, Tieshan Lifting will always adhere to quality production, continue to increase R & D investment, deepen the innovative integration of manufacturing and the Internet, and promote the iterative development of green manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, and service-oriented manufacturing. Use product innovation to meet market demand and enhance product competitiveness; actively respond to the "Belt and Road" policy to increase the global influence of the "Tieqi" brand, to promote the interconnection of the world's infrastructure with demand-based and intelligent lifting equipment, and accelerate the safety of the world's infrastructure production.

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