Product Recommendation | Tieshan Lifting Beam Lifting Machine, with good stability, large lifting capacity and convenient loading and unloading

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Beam hoisting machine promotes the smooth progress of hoisting operation in construction engineering, and plays an important role in modern production and road and bridge engineering construction. Many industries are inseparable from hoisting beam hoisting machine. Considering that the speed of road network construction is accelerated, the bridge construction environment is complex, and the requirements for lifting and hoisting equipment are getting higher and higher, Tieshan Lifting Technology is optimized on the traditional beam lifting machine to make it have good stability, large lifting capacity, high lifting height, convenient loading and unloading and many other characteristics, to meet the assembly and disassembly of bridge erecting machines and beam transporting vehicles in the beam yard and the production needs of various industries in bridge construction.

▲ Working Photos of Tieshan Lifting Beam Lifting Machine

● Large span and high lifting height

The inner net space is large enough to meet the work needs of completing the assembly and disassembly of the bridge erecting machine and beam transporting vehicle in the beam yard and hoisting the concrete box girder to the beam transporting vehicle. The lifting height is high to meet the height requirements of the lifting beam in the construction of high-speed rail.

● Large tonnage

The load capacity is large, and the loading and unloading of the bridge erecting machine is convenient in the operation place with large mobility, which is more conducive to the erection of the dry bridge with short pier shaft.

● Good stability

The traveling mechanism of the beam lifting machine adopts a balancing device to ensure that the wheels of the traveling wheel group are evenly stressed and run smoothly. The running speed of the lifting mechanism and the running mechanism is low, which is helpful for the accurate alignment of the concrete box beam, so as to reduce the impact on the structure and mechanism of the concrete box beam and the beam lifting machine during braking.

● Easy to disassemble and transport

The main steel structure meets the requirements of rigidity, strength and stability, and is convenient for disassembly and transportation.

At present, Tieshan crane has two types of beam lifting machines: tire type beam lifting machine and flower frame type beam lifting machine. If you do not have high requirements on the frequency of use, Tieshan crane recommends using flower frame type beam lifting machine, which is economical and practical. high.

▲ Working Photos of Tieshan Lifting Beam Lifting Machine

Product safety is more important than Taishan. In the field of roads and bridges for many years, Tieshan crane has provided road and bridge equipment for a number of key projects at home and abroad, and has been continuously promoting the innovation of scientific and technological achievements, strengthening the scientific research development and results forwarding with scientific research institutions, increasing cooperation with new material suppliers in the industry, continuously improving the quality and performance of road and bridge equipment products such as beam lifting machines, and providing a solid backing for domestic road and bridge engineering construction and foreign aid!