Tieshan Lifting: Pay attention to these six points when installing the flower frame beam lifting machine, and the construction operation will be safer!

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The flower frame beam lifting machine is born for bridge construction. It has the characteristics of wide working range, wide application range, high site utilization rate and strong versatility. It is mainly used for the assembly and disassembly of the bridge erecting machine, and can also be used for erecting piers. High dry bridge. With the continuous advancement of China's transportation construction, the demand for flower frame beam lifting machine increases and is widely used. So, what should be paid attention to when installing the flower frame beam lifting machine? Tieshan Crane will answer you from the following six aspects!

▲ Flower frame beam lifting machine

● Before installation, the specific installation plan shall be determined according to the equipment to be installed and applied on site, and the installation technical measures shall be formulated. The installation personnel shall make safety technical disclosure. Safety warning lines and necessary safety signs and warning signs shall be provided around the installation site.

● Check the installation tools and required materials. The high-strength bolts, steel, steel strands, etc. used during installation must have a certificate of approval, meet the design requirements, and take samples for re-inspection; the fastening surface of high-strength bolts should be cleaned and free of oil stains, rust, etc.; torque wrenches and other tools must pass the inspection before they can be put into use. The installation shall be carried out in accordance with the determined sequence.

● In order to meet the entry and exit requirements of vehicles and beam lifting machines, the land at the installation site should be leveled and hardened in advance to ensure smooth access roads and no obstacles above.

●The track foundation and crane support point foundation shall meet the bearing requirements.

● When the lifting capacity of the equipment allows, assemble as much as possible on the ground to reduce high-altitude work.

● During the installation process, if the staff needs to hoist high-altitude components, they must ensure that the components are firmly supported and take protective measures according to the relevant standards and specifications for high-altitude operations.

The above are the matters needing attention in the installation of the flower frame beam hoisting machine summarized by Tieshan Crane for you. I hope you can carry out the installation work scientifically and standardized according to these points, so as to avoid potential safety hazards for the future use of the flower frame beam hoisting machine and complete the construction task safely and smoothly.