Tieshan Group: The spirit of steel will never end, and the brand of "Tieshan" will never stop working hard.

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"Spray can only be invincible in the impact", steel and iron casting time and time again, creating a hard "iron up" brand lifting machinery; time and time again, the achievements are as brave and strong as steel, honest and tolerant, fearless, hard-working Tieshan people. The trend of the times is vast and mighty. Over the past 30 years, Tie Shan people, who have been working hard, have made this steel spirit pass on from generation to generation and never end. They will hold the great power and support the backbone of the nation!

Iron Mountain Lifting

Polished with great concentration, establish enterprise dignity with quality

With the acceleration of China's new infrastructure, the lifting machinery industry, such as the competitive pressure of the back of the thorn did not let Tie Shan people forget the first heart. As far as Tieshan Group is concerned, quality is the bottom line, but also the dignity of the enterprise. in the face of the industry chaos of "giving way to profits and quality", every Tieshan person always keeps a clear head, and they lower their heads and sink their hearts. in countless days and nights, they devote themselves to research, overcome difficulties, and meticulous work to create products with stable performance and excellent quality to fight against this impetuous industry ethos.

Although the rapid development of products can make exorbitant profits, Tiishan people are well aware of the principle of "refining real gold". Lifting machinery, which carries an important mission, can withstand the test of various complex working conditions only after grinding through a series of processes. Good products benefit from the down-to-earth and conscientious work attitude of Tieshan people, because only by being worthy of the enterprise, worthy of their own heart, and more worthy of the trust and support of customers, will it bring more long-term and stable economic benefits to Tieshan Group, so that enterprises can confidently base themselves in the industry.

Thick and thin hair, help global infrastructure interconnection.

From general-purpose cranes to road and bridge engineering cranes, and then to new cranes, Tieshan Group has made one step at a time in the lifting industry, becoming more sophisticated, deeper, bigger and stronger. In the past 30 years, in order to solve the problem of construction and hoisting, Tieshan Group has continuously introduced modern production equipment, increased the introduction and training of high-skilled talents, and accumulated a strong development force.

With a solid foundation, Tieshan Group will go more steadily and further. At present, in order to meet the needs of more emerging industries and adapt to more complex and changeable working conditions, Tieshan Group is constantly developing new products in the direction of demand, lightweight and intelligent, and has more subtle control over the production process. the control of product errors is more accurate, and it continues to build its own competitive advantage in improving quality and efficiency. Nowadays, with more stable product quality and more powerful product performance, Tieshan Group's "Tieqi" brand lifting machinery has gone abroad with the "Belt and Road" and actively assisted overseas construction projects.

Global connectivity

The journey is long. Tieshan Group is committed to the things it has recognized and set, perseveres in it, uses the will of steel to refine the quality of steel, uses ingenuity to forge the "iron up" brand, takes responsibility for industry, serves the country and strives for strength, keeps striving for self-improvement, promotes the development of lifting machinery industry with wisdom and sweat, and contributes to the higher ladder of made in China!