How to standardize the operation of the bridge erecting machine? Just look at this article of Tieshan Group!

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Highway engineering girder construction, bridge machine is the necessary mechanical equipment, in order to make the equipment can give full play to its value, the operator needs to master the correct and standardized operation method, which is not only responsible for the project, but also responsible for their own life safety. Come and learn with Iron Mountain Crane!



▲ Tieshan crane bridge erecting machine

1. Operators can only operate after being trained and qualified. They should be familiar with the structure and performance of the bridge erecting machine, as well as the operation methods such as beam erecting method and hole passing method. During operation, they must concentrate on fastening their seat belts and strictly prohibit carrying out lifting work after drinking.

2. Before lifting the beam, ensure that the track is level and compacted. Under heavy load, the beam-transporting flat car can only start and run at low speed.

3. When transporting the beam on a flat vehicle, the vehicle must be equipped with accompanying personnel. Always pay attention to whether the track and box beam are in a stable state, and beware of the box beam toppling; If the vehicle cannot be started and run successfully after loading the box beam, the vehicle should be stuck with a clip.

4, when feeding the beam, should pay attention to the speed difference between the crane or beam flat car and the main beam trolley of the bridge erecting machine when moving longitudinally; When the main truss or beam flat car moves, it is strictly prohibited for anyone to appear on the running line, otherwise a warning signal should be issued immediately.

5. When operating the bridge erecting machine, only two hands are allowed to operate the control button. Be careful not to touch other parts of the body. Otherwise, it is easy to malfunction if there is accidental touch. Only the control button can be used for hoisting. It is strictly prohibited to stop with safety devices.

6. In the process of hoisting the box girder, if the operator suddenly encounters the brake failure of the hoisting mechanism, he shall first immediately send a signal to inform the surrounding personnel to stay away, then quickly press the control button to repeatedly hoist the box girder, and start the trolley to put the box girder in a safe place, so that it cannot fall freely. It is very dangerous to overhaul after these operations are completed.

7, the weight of the box girder under the premise of not exceeding the specified lifting weight of the bridge erecting machine, the operator can carry out the lifting operation, and should pay attention to the uniform and stable bearing, not up and down; Ensure that the steel wire rope is always in a vertical state, synchronize when lifting and landing, and control the height difference before and after.

8. When the main beam passes through the hole, special personnel should be assigned to monitor the rock motor and transmission mechanism. When any abnormality is found, corresponding measures should be taken immediately and the vehicle should be stopped for inspection to eliminate the fault. When the whole machine moves vertically, the crane should move to the last for counterweight.

9. After the bridge erecting machine is positioned, it is strictly prohibited for anyone to dismantle the supporting steel pipe, clip, wind cable, hoist and other insurance facilities that are firmly stressed.

For large-scale mechanical products such as bridge erecting machines, we must not neglect or take chances in operation, otherwise a mistake can lead to big mistakes. In addition to the key points summarized by Tieshan crane, we must pay attention to summing up experience in actual operation. I hope everyone can standardize the operation and carry out the construction work under the premise of ensuring their own safety!