Tieshan Group: If the double-beam gantry crane is well maintained, it will be easy to use.

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In the loading and unloading operations of port terminals, freight yards, heavy industries and other large-scale fields, double-beam gantry cranes will always be seen. It has the characteristics of strong bearing capacity, good stability, durability and wear resistance, which makes the loading and unloading operations very convenient. However, the double-beam gantry crane is installed in the outdoor environment, and the wind and sun are inevitable, which will have a very large impact on its performance and service life. Therefore, it is very important to do a good job of maintenance. Come and learn from Tieshan Crane!

▲ Double girder gantry crane

1. Institutions

Regular and correct lubrication affects the performance and service life of each mechanism of the crane to a great extent. But before lubrication, be sure to do a good job of inspection work, hook and wire rope should be checked for broken wire, crack, corrosion serious situation; drum, pulley and pulley block should be checked for cracks; drum base bolts, pressure plate bolts and reducer bolts should be checked for tightening; when the wear degree of the wheel groove wall reaches about 8% and the internal wear degree reaches about 25% of the inner diameter of the wire rope and the wear degree of the drum shaft reaches about 5%, these parts should be replaced in time.

After doing these necessary preliminary inspections and confirming that there is no problem, lubrication can be carried out. Remember to clean and lubricate the corroded areas first.

2. Transmission mechanism

This part of the maintenance of the motor is the focus, to ensure that the motor interface and junction box of the waterproof performance is good, to prevent water or oil in the rotation. The second is the lubrication of the reduction gearbox. HL20 gear oil is used in winter and HL30 gear oil is used in summer. Pay attention to the correct operation under the premise of ensuring good sealing performance to avoid oil leakage and the firmware is not tightened. The third is to check the wheel and the rolling surface of the wheel. Knock with a small hammer to determine whether the wheel has cracks and the severity of the cracks; the wear of the wheel rolling surface exceeds 10%, the wheel flange exceeds 55%, and the driving wheel diameter error exceeds In cases such as 0.1 of the nominal diameter, it should be replaced in time.

3, the track

The small hammer tapping method can be used to check whether the track and its fixing bolts have cracks or looseness. In the annual track inspection, it is necessary to ensure that the direct span error and height error of the track are less than 3mm, and the inspection data can also determine whether the track has subsidence.

4. Metal components

The main stress points are easy to be damaged due to the concentration of stress. Detailed inspection should be carried out, including the connection between the outrigger and the beam, the connection between the outrigger and the main beam, the bearing box part of the bottom beam, etc. It is very important to remove rust and prevent corrosion of metal components. Regular inspection should be carried out and the paint should be refreshed in time to prolong their service life. If the corrosion degree exceeds 10%, it should be scrapped in time. The span exceeds 1%, if the repair fails, it can be scrapped and replaced.

5. Electrical components and wiring

Dust accumulated at the switch should be cleaned frequently to ensure good contact with the circuit and avoid short circuit affecting the normal operation of the whole machine. Check whether the contact of the contactor is flat and clean, the clarity of the controller gear and the flexibility of operation to ensure safety and trouble-free operation. Check whether the connection between the motor and the electric control equipment is normal and whether the grounding bolt of the electric control equipment is tightened. The corrosion degree of the wire and metal pipeline should be checked and painted in time, corrosion can also be avoided by taking rainproof measures.

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Double girder gantry crane as a frequent use of large machinery and equipment, in addition to the above inspection points, but also pay attention to some details of the possible problems, after all, a moment of negligence may be a threat to the personal safety of the operator. Tieshan crane reminds you that regular, correct maintenance measures and strict and standardized operation can give full play to the role of double-beam gantry cranes.