Tieshan Group: 6s management has achieved remarkable results, and the factory looks new.

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With the development of modern economy and society, scientific management system is very important for enterprises to establish a good image externally, strengthen the quality of employees internally, and comprehensively improve the management level and competitiveness. After the introduction of 6s management, Tieshan Group has carried out a systematic transformation of the office environment, the appearance of the factory has been completely renewed, and the overall quality of its employees has been significantly improved.

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Persevere and never relax the appearance of the factory.

"The great things in the world must be done in detail". Tieshan Group has been deeply engaged in the lifting machinery and equipment industry for many years. Based on the summary of past experience and lessons and the requirements for its own changes, it is from "sorting", "rectification", "cleaning", "standardization", "literacy", and "safety". "Wait for 6 aspects to require employees. Implement, maintain and manage 6s standards in the working environment of production site, workshop area and workshop area.

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Product parts and tools are not placed neatly, and employees forget to return tools in time are all difficulties in 6s management. If you want to integrate 6s management into the daily work of each employee, it is not easy to achieve in the short term, but requires long-term guidance and persistence to help employees develop good working habits, and even help to cultivate personal living habits and enhance scientific management awareness.

After the implementation of 6s management, the number of "random loss" in workshops and warehouses has gradually decreased. Employees will locate and place all parts and tools at fixed points and ensure that their responsible areas are kept in a clean and tidy state. The division of responsibilities of the heads of various departments is also clearer, making the management of workshops and employees more standardized and clear, and ensuring that all processes are strictly implemented in accordance with the standards.

Nowadays, under the 6s management, the overall park environment is neat and orderly, production safety is more guaranteed, and the work efficiency and personal quality of employees have also been significantly improved. The factory appearance of Tieshan Group has undergone great changes.

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Only by repairing both inside and outside can we be stable and ambitious.

Over the years, Tieshan Group has been strict with high standards, strict product quality, and honest service to every customer. Today, Tieshan Group has gained a good reputation in the industry and attracted many customers to visit the park. So "internal and external repair", to the new and old customers left a deep impression.

6s management has been effective, which has strengthened the confidence of Tieshan Group in its intensive management. In the future, Tieshan Group will carefully and attentively "polish" the workshop management just like taking products seriously, taking the "face" of products and the "lining" of workshop management into consideration at the same time, continuously improving its own technical efficiency, resource allocation and management efficiency, and making steady progress in the lifting machinery industry.