How does the road and bridge construction lifting equipment manufacturing industry exert its power during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period? Keep these three points in mind

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The "14th Five-Year Plan" period is the key five years for my country to accelerate the construction of a transportation power and build a modern comprehensive transportation system. 2023 is the key year for the "14th Five-Year Plan" to connect the past and the future. Facing the new domestic and international situation, my country How will transportation construction develop? What kind of development prospects will it bring to the road and bridge construction lifting equipment manufacturing industry? At present, many departments have clearly supported the policy and pointed out the specific direction for it. Tieshan Group will interpret it for everyone.

The traffic network.

Multi-sector release policy dividends, speed up the landing effect.

The "Action Plan for New Infrastructure Construction in the Field of Transportation" issued by the Ministry of Transport (2021-2025) with the theme of promoting high-quality development of transportation, seven major construction actions are proposed.: Smart highway construction action, smart waterway construction action, smart port construction action, smart hub construction action, traffic information infrastructure construction action, traffic innovation infrastructure construction action, standard and specification improvement action, focus on promoting transportation efficiency, expand functions, increase kinetic energy.

National Development and Reform Commission inAt a regular press conference in January, it was stated that infrastructure investment will be carried out moderately ahead of schedule, investment in major infrastructure construction such as transportation, energy, and water conservancy will be strengthened, new infrastructure will be systematically deployed, and manufacturing investment support will be further increased.

In January, the "two sessions" of various provinces and cities were held one after another, saying that transportation projects have become an important starting point for stable economic growth. In the 2023 transportation investment plans and construction tasks announced by various provinces and cities, many railways, highways, airports and ports have been set as key construction projects.

The traffic network.

Road and bridge construction lifting equipment manufacturing enterprises how to force? Strong equipment, fine management, heavy talent!

Transportation infrastructure construction is an important force to stimulate economic growth. With the gradual improvement of China's transportation network and the continuous construction of some major projects in recent years,Countries and regions along the "Belt and Road" continue to increase investment in their own infrastructure and industrialization, and the road and bridge construction lifting equipment manufacturing industry has ushered in new development opportunities and strategic opportunities.

Iron Mountain Lifting

How can enterprises make better efforts in the new situation? Tieshan Group believes that,Strong equipment, fine management, emphasis on talent"That is the key word. Pay attention to the technical gap with foreign road and bridge construction lifting equipment, increase investment in research and development, continue to overcome difficulties, continue to make up for shortcomings, and intensively cultivate in the direction of intelligence, digitization, low-carbon, high-end, and precision; improve organization and management Institutions, clarify departmental responsibilities and job responsibilities, strict production process system, standard construction ecosystem; increase the introduction of high-level and high-tech talents and welfare subsidies, pay attention to the regular training of new and old employees, strengthen the cooperation with colleges and universities, and enhance the technical strength and innovation ability.

Transport infrastructure for servicesThe implementation of major national strategies such as the "Belt and Road", the steady development of the economy and society, and the convenient travel of the people provide a solid foundation. All companies must keep up with the weather vane of the times, continue to cultivate various businesses, actively practice social responsibilities, and strive to become my country The backbone of transportation infrastructure construction. Tieshan Group will also take the posture of practical innovation, show the trend of vigorous development, vigorously develop bridge erecting machine, beam lifting machine and other road and bridge construction lifting equipment products, to help China's transportation power goal to better achieve!