Iron mountain lifting the European double beam crane, you have to choose it for 5 reasons!

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In recent years, European-style double-beam crane has been favored by many customers by virtue of its advantages in performance and effect. Iron Mountain crane will introduce its 5 major characteristics for you in detail!


  1. Compact structure and light weight.The size and weight of the crane are further reduced, and the wheel pressure is small; the height of the whole machine is lower, which further improves the lifting height, which can reduce the construction cost of the plant and the transformation cost of the crane;
  2. Wide application and high efficiency.Hook to the wall of the distance is smaller, low headroom, can make full use of plant space, improve production efficiency;
  3, smooth operation, no impact.It has good control technology and high-quality key components, starting and running more smoothly, no impact, better mute effect, and reducing noise hazards;
  4. Convenient operation and easy maintenance.High degree of automation, flexible operation; unique design concept, mature manufacturing process, low failure rate and convenient maintenance;
  5, multiple protection, more reliable.Automation technology can be used for lifting and limiting, with high protection level, good safety guarantee and reducing operation risk; high-performance brake adopts dustproof design, which can be automatically adjusted and has a longer service life.
The above is the Tieshan crane for you to summarize the advantages of the European double beam crane. Tieshan Lifting Deep Ploughing Lifting Machinery and Equipment for 31 years, has rich R & D and manufacturing experience, strong product performance, excellent quality, complete specifications and models, and has a good reputation in the market. If you are interested in purchasing or leasing European-style double-beam cranes, welcome Contact us!