Iron Mountain Crane: How to Break the Development of Manufacturing Industry? The key is to make the best use of one's talents and talents!

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In recent years, "Made in China" is accelerating the leap-forward transformation to "Made in China". Lifting machinery, a big country, has moved from the traditional manufacturing field to the forefront of the world trend, helping the Belt and Road to enter the vastness. In the universe and exploring the blue ocean, they have created shining "Chinese business cards". However, with the increasingly fierce global competition, Tieshan crane believes that lifting machinery manufacturers still have a long way to go.

Iron Mountain Group

The high-quality development of the crane machinery manufacturing industry has achieved some results, but the problem of large but not strong still exists, and it is urgent to solve the problem. In the view of Tieshan crane, the fundamental way out lies in innovation. Whether it is participating in the construction of large-scale construction projects in the world such as Qatar World Cup venues, or fully supporting the development of my country's science fiction film industry, it is inseparable from the support of key core technologies. Enterprises should rely on self-reliance to master the key core technology, and gradually approach the original innovation, in order to break through the "stuck neck" dilemma with self-reliance and truly realize the "indomitable position" of the great power ".

▲ Innovation

And to do that, people are the key. Enterprises must firmly establish the concept of "talent is the best", so as to "attract talents with heart, cultivate talents carefully, love talents sincerely, and treat talents sincerely", grasp the scale of talent recognition, the temperature of love talents, and the elegance of tolerance talents, and improve talent evaluation Standards, broaden the vision of talent selection, accurately measure talents and apply vision, and create a more flourishing atmosphere for talent development, so as to realize the best use of talents.
Activate the source of talent and create a new engine for development. In the future, Tieshan crane will continue to make efforts in scientific and technological research and development, talent introduction and school enterprise cooperation, optimize the development structure, and erect the backbone of big country manufacturing with the vigorous development of big country heavy equipment!
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