Tieshan Group: Infrastructure growth will drive new growth demand in the crane industry

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In 2023, China's economic development was in a state of "warming up". With the recovery of the economy, the development of infrastructure, the support of industrial policies, and the improvement of the overseas market situation, the construction machinery industry ushered in a new burst period. As one of the important tracks, can the crane circuit breed new opportunities? With Tieshan Group, we will review the construction machinery market in 2022 and analyze the development prospects of cranes in the next few years.
  Review of the overall situation of construction machinery industry in 1. 2022
In 2022, China issued a series of encouraging policies to support the development of the construction machinery industry.

Source: China Business Industry Research Institute.

According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics, the total planned investment in new projects nationwide in 2022 will increase by 20.2 over 2021. In 2022, the competitive advantage of construction machinery in the international market continued to improve, and the export volume increased significantly, reaching 44.302 billion billion US dollars.

▲ Data source: China Construction Machinery Industry Association and China Business Industry Research Institute

  The positive factors for the development of 2. crane industry
1. Stable economic growth and increased infrastructure investment
China's GDP for the whole year 2022 is about 121020.7 billion (NBS data, preliminary accounting), an increase of 3% over 2021 at constant prices. In the context of economic recovery, macro policies will be one of the factors driving the growth of the lifting industry,Infrastructure projects continue to land, is bound to promote the further development of road and bridge engineering lifting machinery, construction machinery demand increased, sales are expected to usher in a rise.
2, industrial policy is good, environmental protection policy to help crane iteration.
China's strategy of developing the western region will accelerate economic construction in the western region,Promote infrastructure to set off a new climax, which will be another key market for lifting machinery. In addition, the resolute implementation of "urban and rural infrastructure", "regional balanced development", "people's livelihood security project" and "Belt and Road Initiative" all require the participation of road and bridge engineering lifting machinery and general cranes.
Technological innovation, energy conservation and environmental protection, and the upgrading of core components are important directions of national policies. With the landing of new processes, new technologies, and new materials, and the commissioning of new equipment, lifting machinery will usher in new development opportunities. Coupled with the iterative demand brought about by environmental policies,Equipment update overlay environmental protection policy drive, lifting machinery update upgrade demand accelerated release.

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3, the big country heavy equipment shows the halo, the overseas market prospects are bright.
In recent years, China's lifting machinery occupies an increasingly important position in the global market, the global competitiveness of domestic brands has gradually improved, and more and more domestic brands have gone abroad. According to data released by the Machinery Industry Federation, in 2022, the export volume of crane products will increase by 20.1. The overseas market has great potential and there is huge room for improvement in the proportion of exports.
  3. insight into the needs of the industry to promote the high-quality development of enterprises through innovation
Through years of industry experience and market analysis, Tieshan Group believes that,Industrial integration will also be one of the directions for the development of lifting machinery in the future. The integration of traditional machinery and equipment and new energy, new materials, Internet of Things and other fields will become a new power point and growth point for crane companies.
Tieshan Group has insight into the needs of the industry, grasps the development opportunities of the enterprise, introduces modern and intelligent production equipment, innovates technology, continuously improves innovation ability and quality strength, meets the market demand, and promotes the development of enterprises with higher quality. At present, Tieshan Group has outstanding strength in the field of road and bridge engineering hoisting machinery. In the field of general cranes, new European crane series products are welcomed by customers.
In general, the strengthening of macro-policy control, the construction of major projects and projects, the acceleration of infrastructure, strong overseas demand and other favorable factors will support the stable and good development of the crane industry. During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Tieshan Group will firmly grasp the opportunity, explore new technologies and new processes, promote product iteration, and strive to become a dazzling star on the crane track!