Tieshan Group: Sailing to welcome Duanyang, "bridge" to see China's hard core new infrastructure

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May Duanyang, Tieshan Group Celebrates Jiachen
Road and bridge engineering, lifting machinery leading dust
Towering the sky, the iron armour stands towering
Gather strength, build backbone and build family garden
Service infrastructure, heart to create excellent products
Across mountains and seas, roads and bridges
Military brilliant, heroic soul buried deep
The chariot stands tall and fortified with steel
Port transportation, lifting arm loading and unloading
Lift the weight lightly and connect the sea to the Chinese shore.
Metallurgical Development, Steelmaking Furnace Reflecting Sunset
Sparks splash, casting a new brilliant journey
Iron and Steel Dance, Playing New Drum of Industry
Cast heavy, we shoulder the responsibility in
Dragon Boat Festival, Ambition Leaps Longmen
Tieshan Group, Flying High to the Yellow River
Bridge Lifting, Creating a New Brilliant Spectrum
Pass on the fire and draw a beautiful new blueprint.