The plant is short, worried about the limited operation of the equipment? May wish to learn about the iron mountain crane this European crane

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The sun is burning like fire, and the front-line workers are giving their strength.
In the plant area of Iron Mountain Crane
Workers are in full swing to make orders

since this year
Tieshan Lifting European Lifting Machinery Products
Recognized by the market and customers
These use imported configurations, new materials, and new processes.
Lifting machinery, stronger performance and higher efficiency
Take a look at the popular European lifting equipment

European-style double-beam crane 

▲ European-style double-beam crane

Compact structure, low noise
Convenient operation and easy maintenance
Multiple protection, more reliable
Wide application, high efficiency
Smooth operation, no impact

European-style gantry crane

▲ European-style gantry crane

Lightweight design, more beautiful
Frequency conversion speed regulation, stable operation
Low headroom, large operating space, high utilization
Integrated transmission, more energy saving
Multiple protection, more reliable
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European-style electric hoist trolley

▲ European-style open electric hoist

Compact structure, more stable
Large operating space and high utilization
High performance, more reliable
Energy saving, higher efficiency

Compared to the traditional general lifting machinery products
European-style cranes are safer and easier to maintain and maintain
Ability to reduce maintenance and upkeep costs
Reduce the production cost of the enterprise
Iron Mountain lifting, focusing on the field of cranes for more than 30 years.
With the spirit of ingenuity to create high quality products
If you have purchase demand, welcome to contact us