Tieshan Lifting: What are the characteristics of the widely used tire cranes?

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Tire crane is a kind of wheel crane with special chassis, which has good lateral stability and can carry out full rotation operation. It is often used in relatively fixed operation site and lifting operation with large amount of work. What are the characteristics of the tire crane lifted by Tieshan? Let's learn about it!

▲ Tieshan lifting tire crane

  Tieshan lifting tire crane 4 features:
  1) Be flexible in action.The crane can walk in a straight line along its normal lane, turn the walking wheel 90 ˚ and walk at right angles to the original road, and turn the walking wheel to a certain angle for self-rotating walking on the storage yard, which is convenient for the crane to turn around;
  2. High degree of automation.The electric drive of the main working mechanism of the crane is full digital AC frequency conversion, PLC control speed regulation, and its lifting mechanism also has the function of constant power speed regulation control;
  3. Safe and reliable operation.The crane is equipped with various safety devices to ensure reliable and safe operation and reduce the accident rate;
  4. Easy to operate.Under the load condition, the lifting mechanism and the trolley running mechanism can work separately or simultaneously, and the trolley running mechanism and the trolley running mechanism can also work separately or simultaneously.
The above is the characteristics of Tieshan lifting tire crane, I hope to help you buy or use. If you want to know more about tire cranes and other lifting equipment, please consult Tieshan lifting!