Tieshan Group's European-style cranes are loved by customers, and the secrets are all here!

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Recently, the European crane of Tieshan Group has become a "hot cake". Many customers' workshops, warehouses, power stations and other places have its presence in handling and hoisting goods. Its good performance has made everyone praise it well.

▲ European-style single-beam crane of Tieshan Group

As a new generation of light and small crane, European crane has the characteristics of low headroom and high lifting height, which is suitable for various types of factory buildings to lift goods. The lifting weight can reach 1t ~ 20t, and the span can reach 3m ~ 34.5m. It adopts lightweight, modular and parametric design with high comprehensive benefits.
  6 highlights of the iron mountain group European crane:
  1. Compact structure and exquisite appearance.The appearance of the product is beautiful, which can improve the processing and manufacturing conditions, optimize the structure and layout while reducing the height of the shape, and reduce the weight and wheel pressure;
  2. Low headroom design.Greater space utilization, low plant easy lifting;
  3. Frequency conversion speed regulation, smooth operation.The lifting mechanism adopts NR type wire rope electric hoist, the cart running mechanism adopts three-in-one driving device to drive respectively, and the control mechanism adopts frequency conversion speed regulation control system;
  4. Multiple protection devices, safe and reliable, stable and durable.The crane has anti-swing function, micro-speed function, and is equipped with anti-impact devices, etc., multiple protection to ensure safe operation;
  5. Integrated transmission, high work efficiency.Improve the electric drive and control system, combine mechanical drive technology with automation technology, and apply modern technologies such as power electronics technology and fuzzy control technology in the drive and control system, and the whole machine realizes automation and semi-automation.
  6. Mute drive, low noise, energy saving and consumption reduction.

▲ European-style single-beam suspension crane of Tieshan Group

The European crane of Tieshan Group has many highlights, excellent quality, complete specifications and models, hoping to solve the hoisting and handling problems for our customers, welcome to consult and buy!