Smooth operation, low energy consumption, iron mountain lifting this European electric hoist highlights more than these!

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European electric hoist is a combination of European technology and domestic technology and the birth of the product, which has more superior performance than domestic electric hoist. The European-style electric hoist of Tieshan crane has been praised by many customers since its listing. The editor will take you to see what highlights it has!

▲ Tieshan Lifting European Electric Hoist

  1. Compact structure and light weight.Using C- type arrangement, the main structure of the hoist is mentioned above the walking mechanism, saving lifting space, the whole machine is smaller in size and lighter in weight; the transmission mechanism adopts a high-speed motor and a hard-tooth surface deceleration system, and the small gap can reach low The gap, the lifting height is higher;
  2. Stable operation and accurate positioning.Using full frequency conversion control, the impact force is smaller during operation and the positioning accuracy is higher;
  3, high space utilization, reduce construction costs.The product can run freely to any place on the construction site, which greatly increases the project area. The size from the hook head to the upper edge of the whole machine is compressed, the distance from the hook head to the lower Xuan of the factory building is reduced, the lifting height is greatly improved, and the construction cost of the new factory building can be reduced;
  4, high work continuity, reliable performance.High assembly accuracy, convenient transportation, long service life and better maintenance-free performance;
  5. Low energy consumption.Motor, brake power is smaller, lower energy consumption.
The above is the iron mountain lifting European electric hoist 5 highlights, its emergence for customers to solve a lot of construction hoisting problems. If you are interested in purchasing or leasing, please contact Tieshan Lifting!