Tieshan Hoist Double Main Girder Gantry Crane Sold to China Railway Tunnel Bureau in Tibet

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Not long ago, Tieshan Crane sent their hoist double main beam gantry crane to Tibet China Railway Tunnel Bureau, providing strong support for local engineering construction.
Tibet is located in the plateau, the terrain is complex and the climate is bad, which puts forward higher requirements for the performance and adaptability of lifting equipment. The crane of Tieshan crane fully considers these factors in its design. Its excellent performance and stable operation will provide a reliable guarantee for the engineering construction of China Railway Tunnel Bureau.

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  Hoist double main girder gantry crane
This hoist double main girder gantry crane (also known as double main girder gantry crane) lifted by Tieshan has reliable quality and stable performance, and has the following 5 characteristics:
1. Strong bearing capacity: The double main beam structure makes the lifting capacity significantly improved, and can easily cope with the lifting requirements of various large and heavy equipment. At the same time, the equipment has abundant power, stable operation and easy maintenance.
2. High-precision operation: The equipment has excellent operation accuracy, can achieve precise positioning, and ensure the safety and stability of the hoisting process.
3. Broad scope of operation: The gantry adopts a box-type double-beam welding structure, which expands the working space, can move horizontally and vertically in a larger range, and is more convenient for transportation, loading and unloading, and post-maintenance.
4. Convenient transfer performance: The chassis of the double-girder gantry crane is movable, and the whole machine can be flexibly transferred to the location where the operation is required.
5. High degree of safety: The hoist double main girder gantry crane attaches great importance to safety performance in the design and manufacturing process, and is equipped with multiple safety protection devices to reduce the risk of accidents.

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