Tieshan Lifting This double-beam gantry crane has a large lifting capacity and high lifting height to meet the needs of the factory

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When carrying heavy loads and loading and unloading operations in factories, docks, freight yards and other places, it is inseparable from large lifting equipment-double-beam gantry cranes. It uses a double-beam structure design, with high strength, bearing weight, more stable operation. We come to understand the characteristics of the lower iron mountain double beam gantry crane.

▲ Double girder gantry crane

  1. Wide operation range, large operation space and more durable
The box-shaped double-beam welding structure is adopted to increase the working space and facilitate transportation, installation and maintenance. The design of double beam structure enables the crane to have a wider range of operations and can cope with various complex operating environments. At the same time, the advantages of the welded structure make the crane more durable and stable for a long time.
  2. The trolley is stable, safe and reliable
The car adopts special-shaped rail cable conductive device, which can ensure the stable and reliable electrical connection of the car during operation, and reduce the failure and potential safety hazards caused by conductive problems.
  3. Easy replacement of parts and quick maintenance
Parts standardization, serialization, generalization. All parts of the crane are standardized design, making replacement and maintenance more convenient and quick. In addition, serialization and universal design also improve the flexibility and applicability of the crane, which can meet the needs of different users.
  4. Adapt to different operating environments
Crane power supply in the form of cable drum type and sliding contact line type two, for users to choose. Different power supply forms are suitable for different operating environments, and users can choose the appropriate power supply method according to actual needs to ensure the normal operation of the crane.
  5. Flexible and convenient operation
The driver's cab has a wide field of vision and is equipped with a linkage console for flexible, stable and comfortable operation. The design of the crane's cab takes into account the comfort and convenience of the operator, providing a good view and human-computer interaction interface, making the operation more accurate.
Whether it is large-scale material handling or other types of lifting operations, Tieshan Lifting is able to provide high-quality, high-performance products to meet customer needs. Tieshan's products are widely used in shipbuilding, military aerospace, new energy, heavy industry and construction industry, and have been recognized and praised by many customers. Choosing the double girder gantry crane of Tieshan crane can not only obtain high performance and reliability, but also improve work efficiency and reduce costs. If you have the demand of lifting products, welcome to consult iron mountain lifting.