Tieshan Lifting Tire Beam Lifting Machine for Easily Lifting Prefabricated Bridges on Highway and Urban Rail

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Tire type beam lifting machine is a set of machine, electricity, liquid technology in one of the lifting equipment, it is mainly used in precast beam field of concrete beam lifting, handling and with the beam truck loading and other operations. Compared with the traditional wheel rail type beam lifting machine, the tire type beam lifting machine concentrates multiple functions on one machine, thereby saving equipment investment costs.
Tire type beam lifting machine is mainly used for railway T beam lifting, but also can be applied to highway, urban light rail prefabricated bridge lifting. Its performance is stable, with good flexibility and security. The small editor combed and summarized the four highlights of Tieshan lifting tire beam lifting machine for your reference when choosing.

▲ Tire type beam lifting machine

  1. Good shock absorption and cushioning, dealing with complex working conditions
The tire is used as the load-bearing component, because the tire has good elasticity and cushioning performance, which can reduce the impact and vibration of the equipment when driving on uneven roads,Improve the stability and smoothness of the equipment. The elasticity of the tire can also increase the ground contact area and provide better supporting force, so that the beam lifting machine can travel flexibly under various complex terrain conditions.
  2. Multiple modes of steering, high operating efficiency
MGLT type tire type beam lifting machine has multiple modes of steering, can realize 90 degree steering in situ, is flexible, can take beam, move beam and drop beam at any pedestal, does not need auxiliary machinery and excessive labor, and has high construction efficiency. This steering design enables the beam lifting machine to move and operate freely in a narrow site space, which is convenient and fast.
  3. Good operation experience and smoother operation
It adopts hydrostatic drive, stable start, small braking impact and good stability. Vehicle speed to achieve stepless speed regulation. The hydrostatic drive system has the characteristics of rapid response, stability and reliability, which can ensure the stability and smoothness of the beam hoist during starting, driving and stopping, and provide better operating experience and safety.
  4. Multiple protection, safe and reliable
The vehicle is equipped with overload protection, overspeed protection, hydraulic pipeline explosion-proof device, interlocking device and other protection measures to provide safety guarantee for the operation of the beam lifting machine. These protective measures can detect the working status of the equipment in time, prevent accidents caused by overloading, overspeed or other abnormal conditions, and protect the safety of personnel and equipment to a greater extent.
The above is the main highlight of Tieshan lifting tire beam machine. As a crane enterprise with technical strength and rich experience in the industry, Tieshan crane pays attention to technological innovation and product quality, and constantly improves the performance and reliability of products. At the same time, Tieshan Crane has established a complete after-sales service system to ensure that customers receive timely technical support and services during the purchase and use process.
Tieshan's products are widely used in various fields, including ports, construction, energy, transportation, etc., to meet the needs of different customers. In the future development, Tieshan will continue to strengthen technological innovation and product research and development, continuously improve its competitiveness and market share, and create greater value for customers with a more refined attitude, and jointly achieve win-win development.