@ Every Tie Shan person, gather your strength and my strength to help the great power take off

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In the wave of science and technology, Tie Shan people move forward by the waves.
They explore in depth and combine theory with practice
Make a technical achievement take root
They follow the trend of the times and forge ahead
Market demand-oriented, focusing on product development
They focus on product performance and quality
Crane products to create services in all walks of life
Help major enterprises and major projects to improve quality and efficiency

▲ Bridge erecting machine

On the road of technological innovation, Tie Shan people dare to challenge
They bring forth new ideas on the basis of excellent quality and exquisite skills.
Using process technology to achieve "quality in the line"
Drive iterative product upgrades
They are actively embracing digitalization
From design to production, with the accuracy of
Meet every high requirement of the customer

▲ Gantry Crane

In the changing times, the iron mountain spirit has always stood
They embrace change with an open mind
Take on the mission, the courage to break through
They know that only by uniting the wisdom and strength of the people.
Only in this way can we bravely climb the peak of science and technology and help the great powers take off with their heavy devices.
Only go all out to expand the market
In order to make Tieqi brand famous at home and abroad

▲ Tieshan Lifting Plant Area

Looking back on the past
Tieshan People's Struggle Course Condenses Hardship and Sweat
Looking to the future
They will continue to gather strength and forge ahead.
Leading development with science and technology, driving growth with innovation
Continuously improve product quality and service level
Write a new brilliant chapter with wisdom and sweat