Yuncheng Fa Brews Far Away from You | 2023 Tieshan Group Work Summary and Debriefing Report Successfully Held

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Yuncheng started to go to the mountains and seas, and Fen Ji went to the future. Tieshan Group's 2023 Year-end Debriefing Meeting ended recently. This event brings together the elites of various departments of the company, including marketing department, after-sales service department, technical center, production department, equipment department, quality inspection department, finance department, warehousing department, purchasing department, comprehensive office, etc. Everyone gathered together to review the brilliant achievements of the past year and look forward to the vast blueprint for the future.

▲ Tieshan Group's 2023 Work Summary and Debriefing Report

See the line effective force core products
At the beginning of the meeting, the chairman delivered a passionate speech. He stressed that in the past year, the company has made remarkable achievements with the cooperation of various departments. Especially in the development and production of European-style cranes, Tieshan Group has taken a solid step. Facing the future, Tieshan Group will continue to give full play to its own advantages, while maintaining the stable development of the road and bridge lifting market, it will deeply cultivate the European crane market.

The chairman.

Subsequently, the heads of various departments took the stage respectively and made a detailed report on the 2023 work results, existing problems and solutions, 2024 work plan and objectives. As the vanguard of the company, the marketing department is committed to opening up new markets and striving to achieve steady growth in sales performance. The after-sales service department continuously improves service quality, collects feedback, optimizes service process and improves customer satisfaction. The technology center continues to innovate and develop products to improve product performance and enhance user experience. Production Department, Quality Inspection Department, Equipment Department, Storage Department and Purchasing Department work closely to ensure high-quality product output; the Finance Department and the General Office provide a solid backing for the company's sound operations.

▲ Report by the person in charge of each department

There are "plus" and "minus" to continuously improve quality and efficiency.
In his concluding speech, the general manager said that the year-end debriefing meeting was an important meeting in the company's development process. Through this meeting, we not only saw the outstanding achievements of various departments, but also witnessed the unlimited potential of the company in the future. In the face of fierce market competition and changing market demand, we must firmly grasp the development focus of European cranes, give full play to our own advantages, continuously improve the technical content and added value of products, continuously optimize the sales and service system, and improve customer satisfaction And market share. At the same time, we must strengthen internal management, optimize processes, improve efficiency, and ensure the company's sustainable and healthy development.

▲ General Manager

At the year-end debriefing meeting, the heads of departments signed the target responsibility letter. This responsibility letter defines the work objectives and tasks of each department in 2024 to ensure the smooth implementation of the company's overall development strategy.

▲ Responsibility to pass the bookmark

Everyone said that they will do their best in 2024 and work hard to achieve the goal. The signing of the letter of responsibility also means that Tieshan Group will move towards a new development peak with clearer goals and a more united attitude in the new year.
Collaborative innovation implementation goes deep and practical
The successful convening of this year-end debriefing meeting not only gave the heads of various departments a deeper understanding and reflection on their work, but also pointed out the direction for the company's future development.
In the new year, Tieshan Group will deeply explore industry trends and market insights, adapt to the rapid changes in the market and the continuous upgrading of customers; continue to increase R & D investment, and focus more on the R & D and production of European-style cranes, and strive to be in this field. Achieve greater breakthroughs and achievements; at the same time, strengthen internal management and team building, improve operational efficiency and staff quality, and stimulate employees' innovation potential and enthusiasm, enhance the overall team synergy and core competitiveness.
I believe that with the joint efforts of all employees, Tieshan Group will be able to write a new brilliant chapter!