Iron mountain crane European crane: improve energy utilization, reduce production costs

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With the vigorous development of the industrial industry, the demand for accurate and efficient lifting equipment is growing. Compared with traditional cranes, European-style cranes have become an ideal choice for emerging industries and new factories because of their small footprint, high energy efficiency, high precision, high safety, easy maintenance, environmental protection and economy.
Since the beginning of this year, many customers have been inquiring and ordering European-style cranes. Customers who have used them said that the energy-saving and maintenance-free properties of European-style cranes have shown obvious performance. Over the past year, they have saved a lot of electricity bills for the factory, and the overall work efficiency has been improved and the comprehensive use cost has been lower. For friends who want to replace lifting equipment or need to purchase cranes for new factories, Tieshan Lifting recommends European cranes. Today, I 'd like to introduce its advantages in detail.

Bring European crane

  1. High energy efficiency
The new drive and control system makes lifting, lowering and moving faster and more precise. The production efficiency is improved, the waiting time is reduced, and the whole work flow is smoother. Compared with the traditional lifting equipment with the same lifting weight, the same span and the same working level, the European crane reduces the energy consumption by more than 30% during operation, conforms to the national energy conservation and emission reduction policy, and saves the operating cost of customers.
  2. High precision
With high-precision load sensor and control system, it can accurately control the lifting weight, improve work efficiency, and reduce the safety problems caused by overload or underload.
  3, high security
With multiple protection and protection devices, such as overload protection, underload protection, etc. At the same time, its operating interface is intuitive and easy to master, reducing operational risks.

Bring European crane

  4. Easy to maintain
European crane simple, modular design and excellent key components, improve trouble-free working time, extend the life cycle of wearing parts, reduce maintenance costs, maintenance more convenient and quick.
  5. Environmental Protection
In the design, consider environmental factors. For example, the use of low-noise motors and noise reduction technology reduces the impact on the environment and improves the comfort of the operating environment.
  6. Economy
Although the initial acquisition cost of European cranes may be high, in the long run, their high efficiency, low energy consumption and high reliability make them more economical. In addition, European-style cranes also have the characteristics of low height, compact structure, and small footprint. The new plant uses European-style cranes, and the workshop space can be designed to be smaller and more complete. In the case of meeting the same demand, the use of European-style cranes can reduce the height of the plant, reduce the cross-sectional size of the load-bearing rail beam, reduce the bearing capacity of the corbel and pile foundation, and reduce the requirements for the track and power supply slip line, thereby reducing the user Comprehensive investment in plant and hoisting equipment.
Different working environments and specific application requirements may require different European crane types and configurations, so the selection needs to be evaluated according to the actual situation. Whether you are in the steel, metallurgy, manufacturing, logistics, auto parts industry, or other emerging industries such as new energy and new materials, if you have equipment requirements for lifting and hoisting, welcome to consult Tieshan Lifting, we will be based on your actual needs Develop lifting solutions for you.