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Slag discharge machine


Portal Crane

The slag discharge machine is composed of gantry, cart, trolley, electric hoist, slag hopper tipping device and other parts. Its working process is as follows: after the slag hopper is loaded with slag, the lifting mechanism on the trolley is lifted to a specified height, the trolley runs to a specified position, and the slag hopper is tipped by the tipping device to successfully pour out the slag.

1. Wide speed range and high lifting efficiency. The speed range is 1:10, the lifting speed can be arbitrarily stepless speed regulation with the change of the load, realizing the heavy load low speed, light load high speed, greatly improving the working efficiency of the slag machine;

2, with a very low stability in place speed, low speed can be heavy load long-term operation;

3. Stable and reliable operation. The size of the car running system using frequency control, because the speed is stepless transition, almost no mechanical impact;

4, the use of closed-loop control, can do the lifting hook zero speed brake, greatly improve the service life of the brake;

5, the current is small, not easy to heat. The starting current of the motor is less than 1.5 times the rated current, which reduces the requirements for starting the power grid and reduces the heating of the motor from frequent starting and braking and positive and negative rotation.

The existence of the subway slag machine has greatly improved the efficiency of subway construction operations, and has also promoted the development level of underground space. It is a powerful assistant in the construction of my country's transportation power.

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