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Self-balancing bridge erecting machine


Bridging Machine

First, a high degree of automation, easy to complete the beam

In bridge construction, safety and efficiency are of vital importance. The 40-200 self-balancing bridge erecting machine of Tieshan Group performs well in these two aspects.

1. This bridge erecting machine adopts a completely self-balancing through-hole design, which makes the erection of side beams in place at one time, improving efficiency and safety performance.

2. The strength and rigidity of the self-balancing bridge erecting machine are very good, the operation is stable, and the safety factor is high. This is due to the strict control of materials and structures by Tieshan Group, as well as the precision manufacturing and debugging of equipment, which ensures the stable operation of the bridge erecting machine under various complex working conditions.

3, the bridge machine can also adapt to a variety of complex bridge construction needs, including curved bridge, oblique bridge and straight bridge bridge construction.

Second, economical and practical, saving labor costs and use costs.

In terms of economy, the 40-200 self-balancing bridge erecting machine also has significant advantages. Compared with other types of bridge erecting machines, the equipment has reduced the number of workers and halved the number of transport vehicles, reducing labor costs, operating costs and transportation costs. This brings real economic benefits to the user.

2. The on-site installation and transition of the self-balancing bridge erecting machine are faster. The whole machine limit, power supply bracket, ladder, etc. are all connected by bolts, which facilitates on-site installation, transition and other operations, and reduces the installation time. This saves valuable time for project construction and improves construction efficiency.

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