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Semi-gantry crane


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Semi-gantry crane is a single-beam semi-gantry crane with electric hoist as the hoisting mechanism. It is mostly used with CD and MD electric hoist. It is a small and medium-sized crane with rail or lower trackless operation. This equipment is a general-purpose crane, which is suitable for open-air operation sites such as stations, docks, warehouses and goods yards, construction sites, cement product yards, mechanical structure assembly yards, hydropower stations, etc. The applicable lifting weight is 3-32 tons, the applicable span is 12-50 meters, and the working environment temperature is -20 ℃ to 40 ℃. According to the different modes of operation, it can be divided into two forms: ground control and indoor control.

The leg of the semi-gantry crane has a high and low difference, which can be determined according to the civil engineering requirements of the use site.

During the operation of the semi-gantry crane, when the main beam or other components produce residual deformation and instability due to improper operation, it should be stopped immediately, and the manufacturer or qualified unit should be notified to find out the reason and carry out maintenance.

Check the connection welds of the main beam and other components every week. If cracks are found, they should be stopped immediately and repaired by qualified construction units or individuals. Only after passing the inspection can they continue to use.

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